Is my boyfriend losing interest in me

Kya Mera Boyfriend ab Mujhme interested Nahi hai

You deeply love a boy, and want him to love you as much as you care, but the feelings of love do not come from him or sometimes and you have to doubt him, his love sometimes. If this happens, these signs are not right for you. It is also a little difficult to realize that your boyfriend really loves you or he is just using you for his own benefit. Yes there are some such gestures, there are some things that you can find out about this.

You have been in a relationship with a boy for a long time but despite that you feel that your boyfriend is not able to give you time or even after a long time, you are not sure how far your relationship will go? Or you can’t trust each other yet, or you feel that your boyfriend is not giving you as much importance as you are giving him or as much as you should get in that relationship, then these signs of danger to your relationship There are bells.

1. Only remember you when needed. (Boyfriend losing interest in me)

If your boyfriend wants to show you love when he has any work with you or when he wants to meet you or he wants to have sex with you and then do not contact you for several days after leaving work or after meeting you. , Ignore you or you have some work with him or you want to meet him but he refuses you by making an excuse, or if you need any help from him, then someone makes an excuse, then you understand Education should you like something of a necessity for him, which he could use according to their needs.

2. Talk about sex only (Boyfriend losing interest in me)

If your boyfriend talks to you mostly about sex instead of talking romantic and loving, or if you are talking on any topic but he takes everything towards sex then he does not love you genuinely. He is connected to you only for sex.

Sometimes or when both want, then there is no harm in talking a little sexy things, but even when talking about it all the time or on some serious issue, if they take the matter towards sex, then they do not want anything except sex.

3. Instead of meeting at Public Place, insist on meeting in the room or in the hotel (Boyfriend losing interest in me)

Lovers mostly seek solitude but solitude does not always mean having a closed room or having sex. Solitude in love means that where both people can speak their hearts to each other freely, laugh openly, openly express their feeling. Where no one disturbs you while talking.

But if your boyfriend refuses to meet you in a public place like a restaurant, park, etc. and insists on meeting alone in a room or in a hotel, then it means that he only wants to have sex with you.

4. Demand for sex very quickly(Boyfriend losing interest in me)

If your relationship is not even a month old and he has started demanding sex from you, then it means that he is not more serious about you and he has no interest in knowing about you, he will just ask you quickly. Wants to have sex early And then it can also happen that once you have sex with him, he goes away from you forever.

In true love, there is never a force for sex. Nor is sex necessary before marriage. It takes a little time to learn fully about any human being. So never rush for sex. Take at least 3 to 4 months to understand someone well. If before this you are ready for sex, then it means that you too are more interested in sex than love.

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