How to know if your Girlfriend is Cheating You

Kya Appki GF Aapko Cheat kar Rahai Hai?

If you think your girlfriend is cheating on you and you have a good reason to doubt her, then the sooner you know, the better. Whether she is cheating on you or not, this article will help you know this. (Kya Aaapki Girlfriend Aapko Dhoka De Rahi He)

1.Notice if there is a change in your attachment towards her: 

It is a matter of understanding that, whenever someone is cheating on someone, he starts distancing from them. This is true for some people, but another affair also arouses romance in such relationships. Pay attention if there is any change in your partner’s attachment towards you.

The increase in attachment is sometimes the result of some new reactions occurring in the bedroom. If your partner suddenly starts doing some new things, then it can also be a sign that he has come to learn them from somewhere else.

2. See if she has started paying more attention to her complexion:

If the clothes kept in your girlfriend’s wardrobe have suddenly increased three times in the last two months, but you have hardly ever gone out for a date, Maybe she is ready for someone other than you. This could be a classmate, co-worker or anyone else in his life. And if suddenly she takes more time in grooming and makeup her hair and getting ready while going out and says that she is going to the shop outside or drinking coffee with a friend, then something can go wrong.

If she suddenly starts spending more time in the gym and has started taking more interest to get herself in the right shape (shape) then it is possible that she is doing it for another boy.

3. Note, if she started making distances from your family, then:

She used to go on a picnic with your aunt every month, but for the last three times she suddenly went and started going. Earlier, she always used to go shopping with your younger sister, but the two of them have not even spoken to each other for the past several weeks. And is the same about going out with your parents? Earlier she used to be very friendly with her and used to go out with him, but now she has suddenly started staying quietly with her or is always sitting ready to go.

If she is cheating, then meeting your family will remind her of her infidelity and she would like to avoid them.

4. Note, if she is making distances from your friends:

The same applies to your friends – although the last time she liked going on a picnic in a group with your friends, and if she suddenly likes to hang out with them. If you start getting less, it may be because she wants to distance herself from you. If she is cheating on you, she may feel that she is not fit to be in your social circle or she does not want to remind herself of how much fun she had with you before your relationship soured.

If this happens frequently, do not be afraid to ask her the reason. There may be some other reason for her not to spend time with your friends.

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5. Note that if she is often cut off from sex, then:

If men cheat, then they want to have more physical relationships with the partner they are cheating but in cheating women give this kind of response Is less likely. If she is getting a little love from somewhere else, then she may have feelings of guilt inside sleeping with you or she will simply not be interested. If both of you have had a fairly good sex relationship before and now you have tried to do something for the last ten times and she is “very tired” or “not feeling well”, this indicates that He is satisfied with somewhere else.

If she is cheating on you then you will want to make your body look less in front of you. She would not want you to see her changing clothes and she would like to cover herself even better in bed.