Impress a Girl on Instagram/WhatsApp

Ladki Ko Online Kaise Impress kare

Hello Friends Today’s post will be very interesting and beneficial for boys because in this post we will tell you how to talk to a girl on whatsapp or how to chat to a girl on whatsapp.

Friends, in India nowadays, everyone uses Facebook and whatsapp, whether it is a boy or a girl, whatsapp is an app that is installed in everyone’s mobile phone. We spend hours chatting or chatting on whatsapp with our friends, family members, girlfriends or boyfriends on whatsapp everyday.

whatsapp has become a medium to talk which millions of people use not only in India but all over the world. We were getting many boys messages and they were asking us what is the way to talk to girls on whatsapp and give us some tips for chatting.
So we have decided to write a post on this topic today and in this post we will tell you the right and best way to chat or talk to any girl on whatsapp. We will request you to read this post in its entirety so that you can know the right way to talk. So let’s start

1. Take the number

Friends, before talking or chatting with the girl, you have to take the whatsapp number of that girl. Unless you have that girl’s whatsapp number on your phone, you cannot chat with that girl on whatsapp.

But if that girl’s number is on your mobile phone, then follow the tips and methods mentioned below.

2. Whatsapp DP

After this you have to like your dps of whatsapp because it makes a good impression. whatsapp dp apply on your own and do not engage any hero or actor. You should be proud and happy as you look.

To impress or impress a girl, you should not use dp of another or hero. The girl always takes interest in talking or chatting with Genuine boys and if you get dp of some other boy then your first impression will be bad.

3. Whatsapp status

Friends, whenever we befriend anyone, first of all, we check its whatsapp status. So before talking or chatting with the girl, you should improve your whatsapp status so that the person in front will also like it.

Your personality can also be estimated by seeing Whatsapp status. You have good Whatsapp status. And to help you, we have published a very good and best whatsapp status collection, you must read it.

4. Greet

Whenever you talk or chat with any girl on whatsapp, first of all you should give her a greeting such as hi, good morning or good evening. This is the right way to talk to anyone. You can share a good morning image with them and if you are chatting with that girl at night, then you should share a good night image to them while finishing chatting. This is a very good method. To help you, we are sharing Good Morning and

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5. Give your introduction

When you talk to anyone for the first time, first you have to tell about yourself to the person in front of you, then in the same way that girl should also give your introduction.

By giving introduction, the person in front gets basic information about you, which makes it easier for you to understand. You should also tell your real name, age, location and you are a boy.

6. Ask interest

If the interest of two human beings is the same, then friendship becomes even deeper. So you also have to ask that girl about their interest, what do you like, what do you like to do, do you like to read books, do you like to watch movies, etc.