Is it Normal to Have Breast Pain During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy me Stan me Dard – The woman feels different happiness after conceiving. This is the time when the pregnant realizes the eagerness and a wonderful experience of the baby coming. In a way, pregnancy is an emotional phase, which includes excitement as well as problems caused by physical and hormone changes.

Is it normal to have breast pain during pregnancy?

Breast pain during pregnancy is a common problem. Breast hardening after conception, causing pain in them. During this time, the pregnant’s breasts also become sensitive. A mere rubbing of a cloth can cause pain in the breasts. During pregnancy, hormones prepare your breasts for breastfeeding, due to which you may face discomfort and pain. You have already known that breast pain is normal. In further article, we will tell you why breast pain occurs during pregnancy.

Why does breast pain occur in pregnancy?

There can be many reasons for the pain in the breasts during pregnancy. We are giving you detailed information about these reasons below

Hormone changes: 

There are many changes in the pregnancy for the correct development of the unborn baby, which results in changes in the estrogen hormone. Due to the change in hormones, the breast of a pregnant woman starts getting heavy and it starts to ache.

Breast Leak: 

In the second or third trimester of pregnancy, fluid called colostrum starts forming in the breasts. It is thick and yellow in color, which is also called first milk. Due to this reason, heaviness and pain is felt in the breasts. Sometimes colostrum originates from the breasts, which is common. It is rich in antibodies that nourish your fetus (newborn) after it is born and can prevent infection.

Changes in the breasts:

During pregnancy, the shape of the breast changes, because milk starts to form in the breasts of the woman for the fetus in the womb. During this time, milk-forming cells begin to develop in the body. This increases the size of the breasts as well as causes pain. As the time of delivery of the pregnant gets closer, the breasts’ heaviness increases


Fibrocystic can also be a cause of pain in the breasts during pregnancy. During this time small cysts are formed in one or both breasts, which can also be called lumps. This lump can cause swelling and pain. Actually, the tissues of the breasts are affected due to hormonal changes during menstruation and fibrocystic may be encountered.

Breast Pain While Pregnant: Reasons & Home Remedies

Every month in the monthly cycle the woman’s body is ready for a possible pregnancy. Therefore, after the woman is pregnant, the pain in the breasts due to fibrocystic may persist. You have already known the changes in the breasts during pregnancy. Now we will talk about the symptoms related to breast pain in the latter part of the article.

Signs of breast pain in pregnancy

  • Heaviness in both breasts  
  • Sensitiveness of breasts  
  • Swelling of the breasts 
  • Sometimes it can be painful to touch.

When does breast pain occur during pregnancy?

Breast pain is normal during pregnancy, you already know this. Let us tell you when it hurts

  1. Mild pain starts in the breasts only after conception. During the first trimester, ie 1 to 12 weeks, your breasts start feeling swollen and tender. There may also be a slight tingling.
  2. In the second trimester, ie, between 13 and 27 weeks, your breasts start getting bigger and heavier, due to which your breasts may be painful. However, these pain may be less than in the first trimester.
  3. After this, when the yellow substance called colostrum comes out of your nipples, during that time your breasts may be in pain. It is also called pre-milk and due to this the breasts become heavier than normal.
  4. During the third trimester, your breast size also increases and they start getting heavier. For this reason, there may be pain in the breasts.

How to avoid breast pain in pregnancy?

You can reduce the pain in the breast during pregnancy to a great extent. If necessary, then keep these following things in mind

1.In pregnancy, you should wear a bra that gives good support to your back and breasts. You can also reduce the pain of the breasts with the help of a bra with a well-padded strap.

2.Cotton bras can be comfortable during this time.

3.Use slip bra at night. They are soft and light, which gives good support to your breasts at bedtime.

4. Do not wash the area around your nipples with soap. This can drain the skin moisture, which can cause pain. Instead, you can wash the area around the nipples with lukewarm water.

5.If you are itching with pain, avoid bathing with hot water.

6.After bathing, wipe the body water and apply moisturizer. You can also use your moisturizer by keeping it in the refrigerator for a while. After applying it you will feel cool and relaxed.