Is it Safe to Have Sex Even During Periods?

Mahaavari Ke Samay Sex – People have different views about sex during periods. While some people consider it completely wrong to have sex with a girl during this period, there are others who believe that during this time they can have sex free of protection because during this time the chances of pregnancy are very less.

Is this right? : By the way, people generally avoid having sex during the period but it should not be completely forbidden. Although you may feel a bit awkward due to bleeding during this period, if it does not mean much to you, then there is no harm in having sex during a medically period.

Is it right to have sex during periods?

You will be surprised to know that having sex during periods also has some advantages. Due To hormonal changes on the third day of the period, sexual desire in women increases significantly.

During this period, the level of testosterone in the body of women increases significantly, which makes them enjoy sex better. Women suffer from stress due to period pain and discomfort while having sex during this time increases the oxytocin level which relieves them of stress.

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Some people also believe that during this time women acquire orgasm sooner than the rest of the days, although there is no scientific evidence or research on this fact.

Having sex during your period can make it end sooner - but you ...

Risks of infection and diseases:

 One thing you should keep in mind is that having sex during periods increases the risk of sexual transmitted infections (STIs). During this time, the risk of spreading this infection from woman to man or from man to woman is very high. This is because at this time extra quantity of blood and liquid is present in the woman’s vagina.

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The only way to avoid this is to use female or mail condoms. The uterine opening remains open during periods, due to which the risk of life-threatening diseases such as HIV or hepatitis also increases. Women also have a risk of yeast and bacterial infection due to changes in the pH level of the vagina during periods.

Chance of pregnancy During the period: 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, people who think that there is no possibility of pregnancy during the period are wrong. Yes, these days the chances of pregnancy are much less than normal, but if you do not want a child at any cost then do not have sex without condom even during this time.

Having sex before or after the period is most likely to result in pregnancy

While some people also ask many questions about how many days before or after the period of sex, they are most likely to get pregnant. You should know that a male’s sperm can live inside the woman’s body for about 7 days. According to this, if the ovulation process is done before the period in a woman, then there is more possibility of pregnancy. Most pregnancies are caused by having sex on the day or five days before ovulation and it depends entirely on your period cycle. So if you want to get pregnant then you are advised to wait for ovulation time.

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Keep these things in mind while having sex during the period: 

# 1 During this time, use condoms while having sex. This prevents both of you from all kinds of infections.

 # 2 If you are planning to have sex then change your sanitary pad as soon as possible so that bacteria does not grow there.

# 3 To prevent exchange of vaginal liquid between both partners, use female condoms. 

# 4 Always have sex only after taking bath and after cleaning the body properly.

# 5 Women use lubricants during sex and must urinate after sex so that bacteria cannot enter the bladder.

 # 6 While having sex during the period, do sex in missionary position itself, especially in man on top position, it is more convenient to have sex.