Important Tips if You Are Concerned About Pot Belly

Pet Ki Charbi Aur Tond Kam Karne Ke Tarike

Increased fat or belly fat on the stomach is a problem that can also put lives at risk.

This is not something that seems to look bad, but it is a sign of danger on your health.If the skin around the ribs stretches more than an inch, then we call it belly fat or belly fat which is right under the skin. Apart from this, it also gathers around our internal organs, liver, pancreas and intestines. Fat around vital internal organs can affect health. However, the fat on the intestine is formed more rapidly than the fat of the skin and is also reduced more rapidly.

When the weight increases, first the fat accumulates here and with the loss of weight, it also comes down first. Although it is considered to be the most dangerous for health, but the good news is that it is easier to reduce it. Health and fitness websites and TV advertisements show very easy ways to reduce fat. But how reliable are these? To find the answer, a team of ‘Trust me I’m a doctor’ conducted an experiment. We formed four groups of 35 volunteers who were so obese that they were at risk of type-3 diabetes and heart diseases.

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Trials and Experiments for Belly Fat (Tips to Reduce Belly Fat)

Professor Fredrik Karpe of Metabolic Medicine at Oxford University and Professor Dylan Thompson of Bath University tried two ways on two groups each.Before the experiment, every volunteer was tested for health, their heart rate, blood glucose and lipids, blood pressure and waist measurement.Everyone’s Dexa scan has been done which shows the amount of fat inside the body.Professor Thompson used two types of exercises on two groups. Whereas Pro Carpe ordered two groups to take two doses.Thompson first asked people in the group to take normal doses and were given monitors to record daily activity. He was given some tips to get more up and running.While the other group was asked to try the health websites.

Fat Loss Exercise: (Tips to Reduce Belly Fat)

Lie on the floor, bend your knees, keep the soles sticking to the floor. Place both your hands behind your ear behind your head. Now turn to your knees. When your shoulders rise up to three inches from the floor, stop for a while and then come back slowly.Do not attach your chin to the chest while turning over. Shrink your ribs. Do not raise your head with a jerk.

Under the supervision of Pro Carpe, the third group was asked to drink three glasses of milk a day, another popular fat loss recipe.

Eating and Drinking Right (Tips to Reduce Belly Fat)

There have been researches in which milk products are said to reduce fat. While the fourth group’s dosage was given more attention. He was simply told to measure the food with his hands and fingers. They were told not to eat snacks in between meals. They were told to deal with the pain caused by hunger. Six weeks later, the health of all the participants was re-examined.In the first group, it was found that fat did not decrease, but health has improved a lot and the amount of glucose in one participant’s blood came down from the diabetic range to normal.In the second group, fat was reduced and waist also decreased by 2 centimeters but there was no significant improvement in health and weight.

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There was no change in the health of the third group of milk drinkers. Although he was told to take an extra 400 calories, he did not gain weight. The fourth group showed the most improved controlled dose intake. On average, it lost 3.7 kg per person and waist reduced by 5 cm on average. The results of the DEXA scan were also quite interesting. Body fat decreased by 5 percent while fat of internal organs decreased by 14 percent. His health also improved. However, this reduced the flexibility of his leg muscles.

So, in the end the result is that if you want to reduce your belly fat, then you have to follow the same advice that is age-old, that is, the right ratio of diet and exercise. Leave the rest where they belong.