Let Us Tell You How You Can Increase Your Penis Size.

Every man wants to satisfy his partner completely. The man wants his wife or his girlfriend to be happy in bed with him and praise him. Just as girls have an inferiority complex about their places, in the same way there is a complex regarding their gender in men. Many men remain depressed for the length of their penis. If your partner also raises questions about your gender, then follow the measures given by us.

Fitness is the need of the hour, going away means not only the purpose of increasing your body shape or your muscles, but it also helps in increasing your penis. If you want to increase the size of your penis, then go to the gym, so that the path of the arteries is cleared and the blood circulation is also done properly. And your partner is convinced of your size.

It is a common concept among people that one should know gender for better sex and self satisfaction to their partner. If we talk about the present time, then there is a lot of curiosity about the size of your penis, especially among men. This is because he wants to give extreme pleasure to his partner during sexual intercourse. While some people who have smaller penis think how to enlarge penis, people with thin penis think what they should do to make the penis thicker. In this article, we will read what the normal size of gender should be. Does big or small sex make a difference to a female partner. What should be the size of the penis to satisfy a woman?

However, this has nothing to do with the size of the penis, rather it depends on your sex drive. According to the researchers, it is necessary to heat the g-spot of the penis for the sexual satisfaction of women. G-spot is a point located in the woman’s vulva, which is considered to be the most excellent for stimulating women and pleasurable pleasure.

In such a situation, the question arises in front of many men, what should they do to heat this g-spot of women. Many men believe that men whose penis is thicker easily heat the G spot. Although no correct information is available about it, but “how to make your penis thicker” or if you put it simply, the methods to make the penis thicker and longer, are described in detail in this article.

What is the size of the penis? Ling Ka Size Kitna Hota Hai

According to the study done in men, the normal size of penis is as follows:

  • If the length of the penis is 8.12 centimeters ie 3.2 inches without tension or erection in a male, this is normal.
  • If your penis is 8.12 cm ie 3.6 inches without any tension or erection, then it is the average thickness of the average penis.
  • If your penis is 9.14 cm ie 5.1 inches with tension or erection, then it is the average length.
  • If your penis is 11.46 cm ie 4.5 inches with excitement or tension then it is normal thickness.

Does gender size matter to female partners? Kya Mahila Sathi Ke Liye Ling Size Important Hota Hai

There is always a fear in the mind of men about the size of the penis, whether they will be able to give sexual satisfaction to their wife or female partner or not. During sex most of the men get worried by seeing their gender. In countries like India, Nepal etc., penis size is considered a symbol of confidence and masculinity, which is a misconception according to today’s society. The truth is that during sex, the female partner does not matter about the size of the penis, but whether it can satisfy your partner or not.

Instead of focusing on the size of your penis, pay more attention to new technology. It is seen that most of the men whose penis is small get under stress which also affects their sex life. Due to being mentally tense, men are at increased risk of sexual diseases such as erectile dysfunction, degeneration, decrease in sexual excitement, etc. So do not worry about the size of the penis, rather take advice from a good doctor.

Eat fruits and vegetables:

There are many unnatural remedies available in the market for penis enlargement, but all these can harm you in the future life. If you want to enlarge your penis without any side effect, then you should consume more and more vegetables and fruits, especially those vegetables and fruits which have a high amount of anti-oxidants. The compound fights free radicals present in the arteries and makes the arteries stronger.

Eat dates:

Date palm is warm and plays an important role in keeping the body healthy, strong. There are many health enhancing properties hidden in dates, which eat and bring energy. Eating fragrant brings strength in the penis of men as well as their body, which enhances their growth.

Reduce obesity and body fat:

This does not affect the penis, but in front of the big belly, the big penis also appears to be small. Apart from this, during the relationship, due to the stomach, you have difficulty in going inside your partner.

Stop smoking cigarettes:

Minor particles of cigarettes obstruct your arteries, due to which the blood does not reach in sufficient quantity to all parts of the body and the body does not develop properly. The same applies to the penis along with other parts of the body. So stop smoking.

Reduce stress:

Just as stress is the cause of major diseases, stress is also the main reason for shrinking your penis. Due to stress, the blood returns from the penis and the size of the penis is not increased. Fear of performance is also one of the reasons why Penis is small.

Ultimate stretcher- Ling ko Bada Karne Ke Liye Exercise

  • This exercise can prove to be very effective for those who are worried about how to make the penis thicker (ling ko mota kaise kare). With this, it can be helpful in removing the curvature and looseness of the penis.
  • By starting this, the initiative relaxes and warm up a little.

  • Now pull the foreskin of your penis back and hold the raised end of the penis from behind with the other hand. Do not hold it too tightly, because it can cause pain and blockage in blood circulation.

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  • After this, stretch your penis in front and make sure that there is no pain in the lower part of the penis. Now pull your penis towards your stomach and hold it for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • After this take a rest of 5 seconds. After this, in the same manner, stretch the penis towards the knees, right side and left side for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times at a time. You repeat your penis twice, twice in the up, down, right, left, and forward directions.
  • Do this exercise once every day.