Low sperm count?17 reasons behind the count of your sperm

Do read this important information related to sperm count and know what is the reason for sperm count to decrease!

Sperm or sperm is the most important thing to maintain the life cycle. These sperm, which develop in the men’s testicles, exit the body in the form of semen during ejaculation. The entire quality of the semen or semen depends on the quantity and quality of the sperm present in it. The mobility of the sperm is the ability to reach the egg in the womb of the woman moving forward. Everyday millions of sperm are formed in men’s testicles. On average one time semen ejaculation produces about 1.5-5 ml of sperm. According to WHO, one milliliter of semen contains about 15 million sperm. Reduced number of sperm is called oligaspermia. Let us know what are the reasons behind the decrease in the number of sperm.

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The quality of the sperm and its ability to move decreases with age and due to this the ability to have children is affected. According to a research, people who wait for a long time to have a child also have a bad effect on their child’s health as both the volume and capacity of the semen decreases with increasing age. Read: Identify Menopause In Men With These 7 Symptoms


The quality of sperm cells does not matter due to injury to the testicle but it stops the flow of blood in the tissue that produces the sperm, affecting the ability of the sperm to form.

Body Building Supplement:

Many boys start consuming more supplements than necessary in the age of body building. Whereas it has been found that using more supplements also reduces sperm count. Which reduces their ability to have children.


Body sperm are very sensitive to heat. Some researches have revealed that the number of sperm is less in those who live in the area with more heat. People who spend more time in hot bathtubs, hot showers and Jacuzzi also face a similar problem. Apart from this, wearing more tight underwear also reduces sperm count.


A research has revealed that people who work in such places where there is a lot of radiation. In them too, sperm count is greatly reduced, even in many cases, the quality of their sperm also deteriorates. So do not stay in contact with the radiation place for too long.


Smoking is harmful to your health in all respects. Excessive smoking increases the amount of cadmium in the semen as well as decreases the amount of zinc. Cadmium kills the sperm’s DNA, reducing the sperm count.


Excess consumption of alcohol affects your sexual ability. According to the researcher, the sperm quality of people who consume alcohol five times a week is impaired.


Not only do drugs like marijuana and cocaine harm your health, they also affect your sperm quality and their number.


Being under stress to a great extent, the amount of stress hormone in your blood also increases, which affects the process of sperm formation. According to a recent research, psychological stress affects your sperm and semen quality more.


You may be surprised to know that the polluted environment around you also spoils the quality of your sperm. So do not stay in the polluted environment for too long.


There are some medicines whose intake also affects the process of sperm formation badly. Regular intake of such medicines reduces your sperm count.

Soy-rich things:

Some research has shown that eating too much of soy or things made from soy also reduces the testosterone level in the body as well as the sperm quality starts to deteriorate.

Undeveloped testicles:

After 3 to 6 months of birth, their testicles come out of the scrotum on their own in men, but in some cases due to some reason these testicles do not come out completely, which has a bad effect on the ability of the sperm to form Also, the sperm count also decreases.


Many men and women become infertile due to obesity. Due to obesity in men, their sperm count also decreases.


In some recent studies it has been found that the chances of the sperm’s DNA getting spoiled due to diabetes is doubled. Diabetes affects both their number of sperm quality.

Sex-related diseases:

Sperm production is affected even when there are sex-related diseases. Which reduces the quality of your sperm.


Some diseases are also such that when suffering, the quality of the patient’s sperm starts to deteriorate. As such, the testosterone level of patients suffering from Kleinfelter syndrome decreases significantly. The formation of sperm stops in such patients.

How to improve the quality of sperm

You can improve the quality of your sperm by eating well and by adding things in your diet that are high in zinc and vitamin B6. Eggs, fish and strawberries are good sources of zinc, consume them regularly. Apart from this, eating the walnuts daily also improves the quality of the sperm. Exercise daily and keep yourself relaxed.