Major Causes Of Baldness

Causes of Baldness

1. Mentally Stress

Mental stress also plays an important role in the most important causes of baldness in women and men. If you are surrounded by stress related to home or office for a long time, it also has a negative effect on our physical and mental health, which reduces the growth of hair, it starts to thin and break and no timely remedy. When you do, you become a victim of baldness.

2. Lack of Protein And Vitamin B deficiency

If you are troubled by your hair loss problem fast, then pay attention to your diet once. Because the lack of nutrients in the body, especially protein and vitamin B, the hair becomes weak from the root and starts thinning. In this case, to strengthen the hair from the root, increase the amount of foods rich in protein and vitamin B in your diet.

3. Sclap Infection

In addition to baldness and rapid hair loss in people, lack of nutrients and stress in the body can also be caused by scalp infection. If you have any pimples, allergies and excessive dryness in your scalp, the hair starts falling fast.

4. Hormonal Changes in Women

Increasing age, menopause and excessive intake of contraceptive drugs in women cause rapid hormonal changes in the body, which in turn leads to hair growth, thinning and loss of hair. Due to which they are victim of baldness disease.

5. Anemia

If your body is anemic, that is, you are suffering from anemia, then your hair growth slows down a lot. Because this does not provide the necessary supply of blood to the scalp. Due to which the hair gradually starts to weaken from the root. Due to which, even after a slight rubbing or combing, hair starts falling and eventually becomes a victim of baldness.