Masturbation- everything you need to know

It is natural to masturbate. It is a natural and safe way to make the body feel blissful, remove sexual tension and get to know your body. Masturbation is done by people of all genders and races.

Despite myths, the body is not actually harmed in any way by masturbation. However, excessive masturbation can negatively affect your relationships and daily life. In addition, masturbation is a fun, normal and healthy activity. So we will tell you today that masturbation has advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of masturbation

Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity. This has many benefits for mental and physical health. According to the study, masturbation has limited benefits. But studies suggest that sexual arousal can be increased through masturbation.

1.Relieving mental stress
2.To get enough sleep
3.Improve mood
4.In comfort
5.To make you feel happy
6.Relieve spasms
7.To relieve sexual tension
8For better sex
9.Better understand your desires and needs

According to research, regular ejaculation reduces the risk of cancer. However, doctors are not sure about this. A study was carried out in 2015. It was seen in this study that men who had cancer risk. This risk was found to be reduced by about 20 percent, individuals who masturbated at least 21 times in a month. Couples can also masturbate to find out their desires. This will save them from pregnancy as well. Masturbation also helps protect you from sexual infection.



Disadvantages of masturbation

Masturbation is not harmful in any way. Although some people consider masturbation to be wrong. Apart from this, some people also believe that masturbation for a long time can cause some problems.

Misconception about masturbation

Some people consider masturbation to be wrong based on cultural, spiritual or religious beliefs. Masturbation is neither wrong nor immoral. But even today some people’s perception of it remains wrong and bad. If you believe masturbation to be wrong, talk to your trusted friend about it and share your concerns with him. In addition, you can consult a sexual health specialist.

Addicted to masturbation

Some people get addicted to masturbating. If you give too much time to masturbation, then your daily life can be affected by it. like –

Quit work or daily activities
Not working or going to school
Do not spend time with friends or family
Missing important social programs
Addiction to masturbation can have negative effects in your relationship and daily life. Masturbating too much can also hinder your work or studies, which can hamper your progress. Apart from this, it can also spoil the friendship because you will not be able to spend much time with your friend.

Does masturbation reduce sexual excitement?

Women who have sexual dysfunction can increase sexual desire and sensitivity through masturbation. A 2009 study found that those who masturbated had higher sexual arousal and sexual desire. Also, masturbation increases the smoothness of the vulva during sex in women, which is useful for better sex.
The way masturbation can affect men’s sensitivity during sex. According to research, masturbating more tightly to the penis can reduce sensitization during sex. Therefore, sexual health experts believe that the level of sensitivity during sex can be increased by changing the way you masturbate.

Diseases related to masturbation

There are many misconceptions or myths about masturbation in our society. As masturbation causes sickness, weakness comes and blindness comes. So do not get upset at all about these things and remove it from your mind that masturbation causes illness.

Remedies to quit masturbation

Sex is a basic requirement of human being like food, clothes and house. Masturbation is another natural way to meet our sex needs. 70 percent of unmarried men masturbate regularly. Therefore, do not consider this habit ill and do not feel bad about masturbating.

If you are worried that you may have been addicted to masturbation, talk to your doctor or counselor and ask about ways to reduce it. Doctor’s advice will help you get rid of masturbation. Instead of masturbating, you can use other activities related to it. The next time you want to masturbate, definitely try.

Go running
Write a letter
spend time with friends
Go for a walk
Can you masturbate during pregnancy? – Masturbation during pregnancy
Hormones change during pregnancy because some pregnant women feel more sexual excitement during this time. Masturbation is a better and safer way to reduce sexual tension during pregnancy. Masturbation also relieves problems caused during pregnancy such as lower back pain. You may feel softening and irregular cramps during orgasm or after orgasm. However, at some point you will start feeling good. If this does not happen and the pain increases, contact your doctor.

Masturbation can also be harmful for high-risk women during pregnancy, as it may increase pain.

Facts and myths related to masturbation – facts and myths related to masturbation

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Myths related to masturbation

1.Lie-Excessive masturbation decrease stimulation of the penis during sex                                                                                                                       The truth – erectile dysfunction or decreased stimulation of the penis during sex is not due to masturbation. When we masturbate frequently, says Dr. Alfred Spadt, we become accustomed to that touch and find out the difficult ways of sexual intercourse with our partner.

2.Lie – when people are in a relationship, do not masturbate
True – Justin Marie Shue is a PhD and also a board-certified sexologist in Philadelphia. He says that people masturbate, whether they are in a relationship or single. Therefore, it has to be understood that people have different sexual desires and they are all healthy and normal. Therefore some people masturbate to accomplish this.

3.Lie – Masturbation is not a normal part of sexual development
Truth – In a study published in December 2011 by Jama Pediatrics, 800 children aged 14 to 17 were taken for the data. In which 74 percent boys and 48 percent girls masturbated confirmed this.

4.Lie – you masturbate too much
Truth – Masturbation is another way of fulfilling your sexual desire. But when it starts affecting your health, then it can be harmful for you. Apart from this, if masturbation starts affecting your body pain and daily life, then we should think about it.

5.Lie – People masturbate when they are alone
True – Some people masturbate together as we age friends and show off our sexual prowess. Dr. Alfred Spadt says that some couples like to watch each other masturbate. Some people use it as another way to fulfill sexual desire. Masturbation by mutual consent is very useful for safe sex and preventing unwanted pregnancy.

6.Lie – children should not masturbate
Truth – Shue says that masturbating at any age is not harmful. Even when young children touch their genitals, they feel good. Therefore, parents should teach their children that if they touch their sex organs and they like it, then it is a normal part of sexual health. But this should be done in a private way.

7.Lie – masturbation will make you blind
Truth – Shue states that there are many myths about masturbation. Like earlier people considered sex only for reproduction and masturbation does not lead to reproduction. So people started seeing it as a problem. Apart from this, people also believe that masturbation can lead to dementia, tuberculosis, hair on the palms and even death. So do not pay attention to these things at all, these are just and only concepts.

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8.Lie – masturbation has no health benefits
Truth – Mary Shue says that masturbation has many health benefits. Such as better sleep, stress, reduced anxiety, headaches, concentration, increasing self-esteem and keeping us more fit.

9.Lie – Why do you feel weakness after masturbating?
Truth – Feeling weakness after masturbation. Problems such as shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, difficulty in doing any work, sweating from hands and feet, or soon being discharged (premature ejaculation) are seen. All these things are just myths or concepts created by people.