Mental Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Ke Mansik Fayde

Just 20 minutes of yoga is enough to light your brain. Recently new research has found that the practice of Hatha Yoga for 20 minutes every day sharpens the mind. The special thing is that 20 minutes of yoga is more effective than aerobics.

The importance of this ancient form of yoga was studied by the Illinois University of Urbana on the basis of which it has concluded. Researcher Neha Gothe said, ‘In the study, we found that after practicing Hatha Yoga, the focus of the participants, their mental state, decision-making ability, and learning ability are sharper, while their mental ability after doing aerobics is relatively less It was fast.

During the research, 30 women participants were given yoga, meditation, and pranayama for 20 minutes and their mental state was studied. After this, his mental status was tested by doing aerobics for 20 minutes.

Today we are telling you five yoga, through which you can sharpen your mind, increase your memory, and give you success.

 Yoga has great importance in human life. It is said that only through yoga can you remove all diseases from your life. There is some yoga for every disease, just understand how to do it. So let’s tell you one by one about what are those yogas, which can make your memory sharp.

The best is Paschimottanasan

While doing this asana, there is a backache, due to this it is called Paschimottanasana. This asana is also helpful in speeding up the memory power. Lie on your back on the mat and keep both your legs together. You have to keep your whole body straight and both hands should be on the ground. This posture can also be done by sitting.

The special thing about this posture is that you should do Paschimottanasana only 3 times. Also, rest at least 10 seconds after doing it once. You can increase your memory by practicing half an hour. While practicing Paschimottanasana, breathing, and breathing is normal. This asana awakens many senses of your body.


Will be fueled by hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is such a yoga, with the help of which not only you get physical benefits, but this yoga is helpful for your mental development. If Hatha Yoga is practiced daily then the person can regain his lost health. There is no better posture than Hatha Yoga to get rid of stress.

Decision-making ability increases
Hatha Yoga increases decision-making ability and learning capacity. With this, you can make aerobics even more effective through Hatha Yoga. If your memory is weak, you can make it even better through Hatha Yoga. Therefore it is said that there is no better yoga than hatha yoga.

This will increase your intellect, if your memory is weak then you can increase it through meditation. Meditation is said to be the seventh part of yoga. Just 10 minutes of meditation practice increases your memory. Sit down in the Sukhasana and keep your eyes closed for only 10 minutes and concentrate on your breath. If you do this every day, then you will see a difference in a month.

The unique recipe is Sarvangasana:
While doing Sarvangasana, your head is facing down. With this, the feet are upwards. While doing this your brain gets lots of oxygen. Therefore, your brain benefits from its practice. While doing this asana, your whole body is exercised, hence it is named Sarvangasana.

Yoga reduces the effects of painful experiences.

Post-traumatic stress disorder problem is seen in people who have been abused, or those who have accidentally got trapped in another country. In this, the patient suffers from a mental illness in which he often experiences nightmares and old memories.
This treatment can be cured with some remedies, in some cases these treatments have failed. However, according to the American Psychological Association, the practice of Hatha Yoga has been shown to be effective in reducing PTSD symptoms. It is helpful in taking the painful experience away from your thoughts.