3 Things You Must Know about Clitoris

It is not surprising that the male gender has always been more discussed and has also received more attention in research. The male sex organ has historically been considered as the dominant sex.

On the other hand, it took researchers a long time to find the clitoris. The clitoris has the unique distinction of being the only organ in the human body devoted solely to gratification, an amazing fact that has long been neglected by science and sexual peers alike.

The female clitoris is not as mysterious as you currently believe. Perhaps you may have thought many times how to better satisfy your partner and how to educate yourself about the anatomy of the woman that you love or used to love.

The nature of the clitoris is found in its name only. “Clitoris” comes from the ancient Greek word “clitoris”, which means “little hill” which means “little hill” and may also be related to the word “clais” which means “key” (key) Because this organ can be a key that unlocks a woman’s sexual pleasure.

Clitoris is a very important sexual organ. It is the main source of the sexual pleasure of a woman. It has more nerve endings than any organ found in a woman’s body. Once you realize that the clitoris is actually the same as a man’s penis, then it is not so amazing for you. In human embryos, both the clitoris and the penis are made of the same structure (genital tubercle).

Clitoral Hood: Size, Appearance, and Effect on OrgasmThe clitoris is made up of erectile tissue similar to the penis. When stimulated, the tissue swells and stands out from the bloodstream, although it is much less visible than its male counterpart. When it swells, the glans under the clitoral hood is stretched. The time has come for you to understand that the center of sexual pleasure of a woman is not a small nub or body, it is a huge playground and now you only need to know some rules to enjoy the game here. is.

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Clitoris has three major components –

  • Glance clitoris – is the only visible part of this entire organ, which is equal to or less than one-fifth of the entire structure.
  • Two crura – which extend like brackets, are found on both sides, downwards from the glans clitoris and in the depth of the tissue of the vulva.
  • Two bulbs of the vestibule – which extend on either side of the vaginal opening. (Not all researchers agree that vestibular bulbs are related to clitoris, although researchers “Vincenzo” and “Giulia Puppo”, argue that clitoris is made up of only glans, body and crura “) The vestibule is part of the vulva. , Vulva is the external genitalia of a woman.

The clitoris can reach 7 cm in its entire length and the glans are about 4-7 millimeters across. Glasses are also the portion that is most affluent at the independent ends of the nerve, thus providing the most stimulation.

Vulva (Yonimukh) is a term used to describe parts of all external female genitals. Around the vagina (an internal organ), these organs include labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, the vestibule of the vagina, bulb of the vestibule, and Bartholin’s glands.

Two sets of labia (lips) form an oval shape around the vagina. Labia minora are small and surround the vagina. The point where the labia majora meets (near the pubic bone) is the clitoris.

If you want to look closely, you can see it using the following method. Here’s how to find your clitoris –

  • Take a mirror in your one hand and go naked below the waist.
  • Now sit on a chair or on the corner of your bed and open your legs and place one foot on the chair or bed.
  • Hold the mirror between your legs and place it in such an angle so that you can see your vulva (outer vagina).
  • Use another empty hand to separate the outer and inner lips of your vagina.
  • The clitoris is under the clitoral hood where the inner labia meet.

Women Orgasm Clitoral stimulation is required. Most women do not experience orgasm from penis penetration alone, they require clitoral stimulation to produce excitement and experience climax.

Many women prefer to stimulate the clitoris from one side or through the clitoral hood. Slowly warm your partner to prevent male over-sensitive clitoris from overheating. You should enhance your skills of giving pleasure to women.

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When it comes to the female partner’s orgasm, the clitoris is usually the main player due to its high level of sensitivity.  Women who are unable to experience orgasm by gender penetration alone. For those women, touching the clitoris in a pleasant way may be the only way to achieve orgasm. For women who can obtain orgasms through penetration, the stimulating clitoris can increase the strength of their orgasm. Each clitoris likes different types of stimulation. This is especially important for people dating a woman. Just because you gave clitoris orgasm to your former female partner, does not mean that you will be able to do the same for your female partner. Every woman may like different ways of stimulating the clitoris, so first, find out your partner’s choice.