These 7 Reasons are Delaying your Periods -Reasons for Late Period

Period Der Se Aane Ke Karan

You never thought that you will miss your periods, but when it is late, then you definitely miss it! But before you panic, remember that there can be many reasons for a period, which can ‘disturb’ your cycle – and no, the delay in menstruation is not just pregnancy. So take a long breath and don’t worry, your period will come, And stop thinking about it. Here are some reasons, which can delay your period.

There is a change in your daily routine (Reasons for Late Period)

Missing menstruation may be due to a change in your routine. Have you started a new job or college? Has your wake up time changed? Are you continuously awake for several nights? Due to changes in your lifestyle, your cycle also changes and hence hormones get confused. This is very true when you change your routine at the time of ovulation. There is nothing to worry about, when your body adjusts to the new routine, then everything will become normal; So keep a little presence.

You are traveling (Reasons for Late Period)

You are on vacation, it does not mean that your period is also on holiday! Due to frequent travel, long-distance flights, visiting new places and also change in time zone, your biological clock gets disturbed Due to this, period comes early in many people, while menstruation is delayed in many people. So relax and enjoy your trip and give your cycle time to adjust. This is absolutely normal.

You are very stressed (Reasons for Late Period)

Breakups, final exams, shifting house, demanding boss in the office – there are many stressful things that we go through in our daily lives, which can be the reason for not having menstruation. Chances of having an effect on periods are very high due to stress. And so it may be that your body stops ovulation until your stress is reduced – this is nature’s way of wrath. So you reduce anxiety a little bit and try to relax, Relaxing is the treatment of period problems.

You are sick (Reasons for Late Period)

This is not just due to a cold, but if you fall ill in the middle of the cycle, during ovulation, you may notice the effect after two weeks – as if your menstruation is delayed or that Months have passed. This can happen because your body is so busy fighting viruses and bacteria that it cannot ovulate at the same time.

Sudden weight gain or event (Reasons for Late Period)

Slow weight gain or loss is a healthy way. But due to dieting, overeating or over-exercising, there is a sudden change in weight, which affects your period and there are period problems. Between your last and present cycle, hormones have a lot of trouble adjusting with this new body. Your weight has a direct effect on your cycle; So always choose healthy way to increase or decrease weight.

Confusion of calculations (Reasons for Late Period)

We all know that an average cycle is 28 days, but for someone it is long, for some it is short; And so calculating when your period will arrive becomes a bit confusing. This means that maybe your menstrual period is not worrying. And it is quite normal to have some irregularity. So if the period came early last month, then there are chances that this month should be a little late. So instead of being nervous about period problems, learn to adopt these minor changes of your body.

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Imbalance of hormones (Reasons for Late Period)

You will be surprised to know how common PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is nowadays! Many girls put off their entire lives and they don’t even know they have it! This is a hormonal imbalance, in which the levels of hormones — estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone — are directly linked to your cycle. Irregular periods are a very common symptom of PCOS, which can be easily corrected – so if you think you might be a victim, visit your doctor. The thyroid is also a problem related to hormones, which may be the reason for your period problems.