Remedies For Running Nose

It is common to have diseases in human body. But, there are some diseases that make people live. One of these colds is a similar virus. Runny nose makes a person very upset. Most nosebleed problems arise when mucus accumulates in the sinuses and nasal tubes. Due to constant increase of this mucus, we have to face troubles like cold, cold, flu, allergies etc. Many times the change of weather also creates a problem of cold. In such a situation, people use different types of expensive medicines for its treatment.

Using oil

There are so many essential oils in this world that by using them we can stop the runny nose. For this you take three drops of papermint oil and mix 5 drops of lavender oil in it. After mixing both the three well, apply it well on the chest, neck and nose and massage it. Now leave the oil in the same condition after dying. You will get relief by repeating this remedy three times a day. In fact, menthol is found in the Pipement oil, which deconstructs the marriage and dilutes the mucus. In such a situation, the mucus easily gets out of the body and gets relief from colds.

salt water

Salt water can also prove to be a panacea for a runny nose. For this, take two cups of hot water and mix one or two teaspoons of salt in it. Now pour this water in the dropper and put it in the nose. Keep doing this method during the day until you get rest. By doing this, the strong mucus in your nose will become thin and will come out easily as well as it will also cure the eruption in the nasal tubes.

Use steam

Steam is the best way to avoid colds. For this, you take hot water in a bowl and wrap your head with towels and steam it. You keep repeating this reaction continuously for 10 minutes until the mucus is taken out of the nose and removed. You should do this three to four times a day. Actually, the heat of the water dilutes the mucus and helps you drain the mucus as you win.

Red chilly

Red chilli acts like an antihistamine and helps us in removing mucus from the nose. Apart from this, this chili helps us to flush out the toxins in our body. So whenever you are struggling with the problem of runny nose, then use red chili in food.