Should One Have Sex During Periods? Read to Know Disadvantages

Mahawari me Sex Karne ke Nuksaan – During the period, the body of women is going through many changes. Therefore, during the period, there is a lot of doubt about doing many normal things. Zaheer is also worried about sex, there are many doubts about whether to have sex during this time. So, we have brought this article to answer these questions. Usually, you can say that period does not mean that you have to give up sex. Rather, for some women, sexual relations during the period may be more enjoyable than at other times of the month. The need for lubrication decreases during the period and some studies have also shown that sex can reduce the effects of cramps related to the period. One study concluded that sexual activity can reduce migraine and cluster headache pain in some people. The prevention of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) during the period cycle and the use of good contraception can make your sexual relationships more safe and enjoyable. But before having sex, make sure that you understand the risk of STIs, other infections, and pregnancy during the period cycle.

Disadvantages of sex during the period

1. There is a risk of infection: – 

It is very important to have safe sex during your period because you may have HIV infection like STIs. The virus may be present in the blood of the period, so in such a situation, the doctors insist on using condoms. You can use male condom or female condom, anyone.

2. Yeast intake increases rapidly: –

You may also be more prone to some other infections in general at this time. According to experts, the pH level of your vagina is 3.8 to 4.5 throughout the month. But during the period, this level increases due to the high pH level of the blood, so the yeast is able to grow much faster.

3. There is also a risk of bacterial infection: – 

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are likely to occur in the week before your period, and sexual intercourse during this time can increase the effects. But there is no clear evidence of increased risk of sexual infection during the period. According to experts, some women may be more likely to get urinary tract infection after sexual intercourse. This is probably related to bacteria able to travel easily to the bladder with intercourse, but it can occur at any time during the period cycle.

4. Effect on blood flow: –

When you have sex, use a missionary position only. This will help reduce blood flow. You lie down on your back and ask your partner to admit you.

5. Fear of injury on the penis: –

Also, during your period your cervix may become lower and more sensitive than normal. If you get hurt by the penis on this, tell your partner and proceed with full attention.

6. Brain tension: –

Have sex in the shower. This will not only reduce the tension of cleaning, but it will also make you feel good. If your partner also does not mind, then try this method.

Is Sex During Periods Safe? Can You Get Pregnant

7. There are also myths: – 

It is a common belief that a woman cannot become pregnant if she has sexual intercourse with her partner during the period. However, there is a high possibility for women to become pregnant during the period cycle. You conceive when fertilization (sperm meets the egg) occurs.

Take these precautions-

During this period, there is no harm to both men and women. But for women who use tissue paper instead of water for purification, coitus during periods can cause infection because the secretion during menstruation is close to the anus, causing the bacteria to grow there. Might be possible. To avoid this, it is better to use male condoms while cohabiting with such women.