Sign He Wants to Date You

Kya Woh Muje Date karna Chahta Hai

Does he ask you, that you like someone: (He Wants to Date You)

If that boy asks you if you like someone or if you have an interest in a boy, then this is a sure proof of his interest in you. He must have been asking this reason because if you want someone else, he will be jealous or he is sitting in the hope that you might just name him. This way of knowing this will be a complicated way, which can also be overwhelming, but a lot of boys are not aware of the good methods. If he always harasses you by asking you about your choice or keeps having fun with you, then he does this because he wants you on his own.

  • However, there may be another scope here. Maybe he is asking you again and again because one of his friends likes you and he is asking you for it. In the case of Anne, note that there is no friend of his, who is always looking at you and you think that maybe he wants you.

He tells you that he does not find a good girl : (He Wants to Date You)

If he always tells you that no girl he recognizes is right for him, or none of them are intelligent, beautiful and interesting as you, So this is one way to tell her that you are the right girl for her. If he has gone on a date with girls before and tells you that, he did not like any of them much or he always counts other girls’ shortcomings in front of you, then this is also his, you, his Is the way to tell the right girl.

  • Just confirm one thing, it does not mean that you are a good friend of his. If he asks you for advice for dating, it can also mean that he considers you his good friend. But note that if he always “complains” about not meeting a good girl from you, then he is trying to tell you that he is interested in you.

Notice, if he praises you in a strange way: (He Wants to Date You)

The boy always praising you in some way also indicates his tendency towards you. He will not say anything openly, but, “You are looking very beautiful today,” you can say, you can complement the color of your clothes, he is looking very good for your new earrings or he has to wear your new shoes very much Looking good How you look, what you do or what you are wearing, paying attention to all this is also a testimony of his interest in you.

  • He can also praise your game, praise your understanding in class, or even tell him how good your jokes are. Although some boys are shy in praising someone’s personality or talent in this way, but this does not mean that they do not like you, but this way also indicates their interest in you.

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Notice, if he tries to know the plans ahead of you: (He Wants to Date You)

His question about your weekend plans always indicates his interest in you. He can also ask you this because he would like to know if you are going on a date with someone else because he will be jealous of going on your date. It is possible that he too wants to talk to you on the pretext of asking for a weekend plan, or in the hope that maybe you will ask to talk to him. If he wants to know what you are going to do after college, it is probably because he too wants to join you.

  • He can also say something very simple like, “Are you going to do something fun this weekend?” If you do not speak, you can immediately ask to go out with him. If he does this, then he is more likely to be interested in you.