How to know if the Girl is Flirting

Kasie Pata kare Ki Ladki Flirt kar Rahi Hai

Due to shy nature of girls, it is a little difficult to know their mood. Especially when they are in the mood to flirt. These are the signs of flirt when a girl is looking at a boy with beautiful eyes, tangled hair and a cute smile. Many times the boys get caught and sometimes remain unaware. This affair is delayed and the car of love is also missed. To start a relationship, we will learn about some such things, which undoubtedly reveal the flirtatious nature of girls, but can be a good start.

It is usually seen that boys are seen flirting with girls, but it is also true that girls also flirt with boys, but yes it is a strange dilemma for the boys how they finally recognize it. So let’s know how to find a when girls flirt.

When a girl talks to her friend and sees you, again and again, understand that the girl is hitting you online or flirting with you.

Watching you laugh or smile is a sign of girls flirting. When a girl sees a boy and passes a good smile and bends her eyes, then understand that she likes you.

When girls ask you about your old life or you, then understand that the girl is taking interest in you.

While talking to boys, when girls play with their hair, try to solve their hair by getting entangled in themselves. So understand that your lottery is going to happen.

If the girl finds an excuse to talk to you or points to you on the matter, then understand that she is flirting with you.

1. Seeing you talking to friends

A group of girls in restaurants, bars or discos, all of whom are busy with their fashion, style, nailpants, but except for this hot topic, taking time out and looking at you in between, then be alert Is required. Understand that the girl is trying to flirt with you.

2. Seeing and Smiling

Smiling is also a sign of flirting. When a girl passes a good smile upon seeing a boy and bends her eyes, then understand that either she wants to start a friendship with you or wants to flirt with you.
Other signs: asking questions, playing with hair, praising, finding a way to talk, laughing at things, being happy.

3. Ask questions

When girls ask boys questions about their past, from family and friends to show eagerness to know about your hobbies and lifestyle, it shows their mood to flirt.

4. Play with hair

Girls’ hairs also describe the way they flirt. While talking to boys, when girls play with their hair, get entangled in themselves and try to sort out their hair, then it is a sign of flirting along with liking.

5. Compliment

Although girls like to listen to their own compliments, but when their talk includes the praise of a boy sitting in front, dressing sense, haircut or anything else, then instead of being surprised, it should be understood that Is in the mood.

6. Finding a way to talk

When girls find a way to talk to boys or approach them directly, this is also a part of their flirt nature. It can be considered as the first step to start dating or relationship.

7. Laugh at things

Girls, on any matter of boys, laugh openly on their opposite jokes and understand this positive sign. Girls do not do this often because of intro nature, so this movement is really special for a man, when women start taking interest in their talk and habits.

8. Be Happy

Seeing you blush, cheeks turn red with happiness, if you feel embarrassed, then understand this gesture from the woman. Women like to understand and tell the language of gestures, so it is very important for men to be smart here.