Topics to Talk about With a Girl

Ladki Se kya Baat kare

To get to know her better, ask her some interesting questions related to her interest: (Talk to a Girl)

If you are talking to a girl you have never met before, then you have to know a lot about her. So that he can tell more and more things related to his interest and personality, for this, ask her some open-ended questions, which answer more than a “yes” or “no”.

  • You can ask some such questions to the girl you have just met, “Have you done anything very exciting yet?” Or, “What is it that you find very interesting?”
  • If you know him, then question him on something that is common to both of you, such as “What did you do this weekend?” Or, “How did you complete that history project?” This will give him a chance to talk to you as well as give you a chance to react.

When she talks, then make eye contact with her and listen closely: (Talk to a Girl)

When a girl talks, it is the best way to pay full attention to her words, show interest in her and inform you about being a good person. Keeping eye contact is the best way to show your full attention to the things that are going on with anyone, and if you need to be careful, you can say something in between. 

  • If you have something to say, then wait until the person says the whole thing, otherwise, it will be incomplete in your conversation. No person, while talking, wants to be interrupted by anyone!

If the time is right, tell her a short and funny story: (Talk to a Girl)

Girls like boys with good sense of humor and boys who make them laugh. Think about something funny that has happened to you recently, and if you are right on the topic going on in your midst, then tell him your funny thing. 

  • For example, if the two of you are talking about the difficulties in college, you can say something like, “Yesterday, I got my French (language) test paperback, and what I saw was, The teacher circle my name at the top of the test. I was confused for a moment, but later I realized that I spelled my own name wrong! “
  • Do not forcefully try to get funny stories in between, because it will make him feel like you are trying too much.
  • Leave your story very short, otherwise, the girl will get bored, and keep paying little attention to it, is she getting bored at all. If you feel that she is getting bored, then immediately finish your story and change the subject.

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Remember the small things that she has said: (Talk to a Girl)

By listening to things well, girls feel that you are a good person and you are also interested in them. If she tells you that she is very upset about the Math test, then on her exam day, wishing her good luck on her behalf will make her feel good, that you think about her.

  • Many girls consider it a gesture to be a good boyfriend, and this will also help you to move your relationship from friendship to a romantic direction.
  • When you are trying to get to know him for the first time, then ask him such things as, what is his favorite color, when does the birthday come and what does he like to eat. Then think of a way to remember all these things, because going forward they are going to help you a lot.

If you have a good flirting going on in your midst, then take some time to be alone with her: (Talk to a Girl)

Being alone with a beautiful girl can make you nervous, but it is about knowing her true personality and this To understand that you really like him is a very good way. Ask to be his partner in a project or to walk with him while going home from class. This will make him understand that you want to spend more and more time with him and this will also give you a chance to talk in private with her