Stopping Premature Ejaculation: Remedies and Measures

Sheegrapatan Ko Kaise Roke? – When a person reaches orgasm before his or her partner’s desire during sex, then it is called Premature ejaculation.  Most of the time in this condition, the man almost always reaches premature ejaculation within one minute of penetration (or) he is never able to stop ejaculation.  It takes about five minutes for most people to reach ejaculation.  Premature ejaculation affects many people and gives them a feeling of defeat and despair.  Even some men stay away from sexual intimacy for this reason.  However, it is possible to treat it through counseling, using techniques to delay ejaculation, and through medication.  By recognizing the problem, both you and your partner can enjoy sex together.

Stopping Premature Ejaculation using Behavioral Methods

1.Pause-squeeze method

If you and your partner want to do this, try posing-skewed method to delay ejaculation.

  • Stimulate your penis without putting it inside your partner.  Note that when you are getting close to premature ejaculation.
  •  Ask your partner to pressurize your penis at the place where the head meets the shaft.  Your partner will have to keep skewing for a few seconds until your desire for premature ejaculation is reduced.
  •  After 30 seconds, return to the foreplay and repeat as needed.  This will help you to gain control and will also allow you to enter your partner without any desire for instant ejaculation.
  •  Another type of pause-skewz method is stop-go technique.  It is just like a posse-skew, the only difference is that the scissor is not the partner.

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2. Use self-help techniques:

Which you can do on your own, which may also help to delay your ejaculation.

  • Masturbate before sex.  If you are planning to have sex later in the evening, then try to masturbate an hour or two before that.
  •  Use a thicker condom that can reduce the amount of excitement you get.  This will make it much longer for you to reach the climax.  Avoid using condoms that are designed to increase excitement.
  •  Take deep breaths just before you ejaculate.  This will help you prevent ejaculating reflex.  Apart from this, thinking about something very boring for this time also helps.

3. Change the position you use in sex:

Change: If you usually stay up, then look down now or choose a position in which your partner can come over you immediately whenever you find yourself moving closer to ejaculation. Then as soon as the desire to ejaculate is out, then start having sex again.

4. Go for counseling: 

If you want, you can either do it alone or with your partner.  It can help you a lot in dealing with all these:

  • Performance anxiety or other stresses present in your life.  Sometimes, if a man is worried about getting or maintaining an erection, then he makes a habit of ejaculating himself very quickly.
  •  Never before has you had a dangerous sexual experience at your young age.  Some psychologists believe that if you have had a sexual experience with you before, which includes feeling guilty or fearful because of opening up, you also learn to ingest quickly. 
  •  If in your relationship, there are some problems going on between you and your partner, then it also plays an important role in it.  This can also be the case that this problem is new, and it has never happened in your previous relationship with you.  If this is the case, then Couples Counseling can help you in this situation.

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5. Try topical anesthetics: 

These medicines are also available in prescription or over-the-counter form of spray or cream.  You place them on your penis before sex and it reduces any experience you are experiencing and also helps to delay the climax.  Some men, and sometimes even their partners, have received complaints of loss of sensitivity and lack of enjoyment for some time.  Here are some common names:

  • Lidocaine
  •  Prilocaine

6. Take medical help

If no technic is seen working, go to the doctor. Sometimes the real cause of premature ejaculation is due to a hidden problem that needs to be treated.  Its possibilities include:

  • Diabetes
  •  High blood pressure
  •  Alcohol or drug abuse
  •  Multiple sclerosis
  •  Prostate disease
  •  Depression
  •  Hormonal imbalance
  •  Problems with neurotransmitters.  Neurotransmitters are chemicals that transfer signals to your brain.
  •  Abnormal Reflexes in Your Ejaculatory System
  •  Thyroid problem
  •  Any infection in your prostate or urethra
  •  Any damage from surgery or trauma.  It is not very common.
  •  Any genetic problem.