Testicular Pain Diagnosis and Home Remedies One Should be Aware of

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Testicle pain is a common problem in men and children. Pain in the testicle can arise due to many reasons, which may include some internal diseases, sexual infections and injury to the testicle. This problem can indicate various types of infectious diseases. Therefore, the doctor should be contacted immediately if he has any symptoms related to testicle pain. This problem can also lead to male sterility by destroying fertility . So do not ignore this problem. Through this article, you will know what is testicle pain, its symptoms, and causes and how it can be investigated, treated and prevented.

What is pain in testicle

Testicular pain is a relatively common pain that can cause anxiety for men of all ages. It can arise due to minor injuries. Testicular pain causes pain or discomfort in one or both testicles.

Testicles are egg-shaped male reproductive organs that are located in the scrotum. The testicle, the male reproductive organ, is found in the skin between the penis and the anus, in the form of a talinoid structure formed from the skin. Testicles mainly produce sperm and testosterone hormones.

Diagnosis of pain in testicles

Laboratory tests for the examination of pain in the testicles

The following laboratory tests can be used to diagnose testicle pain.

  • blood test
  • urine analysis
  • Urethral swab test (this test is done to check for sexually transmitted disease)

Imaging studies to examine pain in the testicles

Imaging studies can be ordered by the doctor to accurately detect the internal causes of testicular pain.

Testicular ultrasound for the examination of pain in the testicles

It is a non-invasive test by which the blood flow to the testicle is evaluated. This test is mainly done on suspicion of testicular torsion. Testicular ultrasound is helpful in diagnosing other physical abnormalities related to the testicle. Therefore, the following reasons related to pain in the testicles can be detected, such as-

  • Kidney stone
  • Testicular rupture
  • Blood coagulation
  • An abscess (collection of pus)
  • Testicular tumor
  • Inguinal hernia
  • Diagnosis of epididymitis

Testicular Pain Diagnosis and Home Remedies One Should be Aware of

Nuclear scan for the examination of pain in the testicles

Some doctors use the help of a nuclear scan to diagnose the causes of pain in the testicles. This test is risk-free, requiring the injection of radioactive dye (dye).

Nuclear scan is mainly useful for diagnosing testicular torsion, the main cause of pain in the testicles.

CT scan or kidney

CT scans or kidney x-ray imaging tests are ordered to diagnose suspicion of kidney stones or other conditions in the stomach or abdomen that cause pain in the testicles.

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Home remedies to avoid pain in testicles

Testicle pain can be caused by many reasons, most of them are related to internal diseases. To reduce the symptoms of pain in the testicles and to prevent this from happening, the following home remedies can be adopted:

  • Appropriate safety material should be worn to prevent injury or trauma to the testicles while participating in sports activities.
  • To prevent epididymitis due to sexually transmitted diseases, condoms should be used during sexual intercourse . Safe sex prevents acquiring or spreading sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Mumps vaccination may reduce the risks of viral orchitis.
  • Regular examination of testicular tumors should be done, so that the tumor can be identified at the beginning and appropriate treatment can be obtained.
  • To reduce swelling of the testicles, ice should be compacted
  • Must not wear fitting clothes
  • Should rest more when there is pain in the testicles
    One should drink as much water as possible and focus on reducing obesity ,
  • Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be used to provide temporary relief from pain.