These Yogasanas are necessary for a healthy Body

International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world on 21 June. Yoga is the oldest identity of our Indian culture. Yogasantvritta detention: that is, the prevention of the practice of the mind is yoga. Yoga is a simple science beyond religion, faith and superstition… Yoga is an art of living life. The word yoga has two meanings and both are important, the first is addition and the second is samadhi.
Today we will tell you some important postures of yoga by which you can get a healthy body-
Method: To do this asana, first you sit with your feet spread on a clean blanket or cloth. Now you rest the left foot on the inner right thigh and the right foot on the inner left thigh. Keep the spine straight. If you sit in Gyanmudra, it is even better. Make sure your knees touch the ground. Your entire body, waist and back should be in a straight line.
Benefits of Swastika: Its practice has a very positive effect on stress and anxiety. Swastikasana solves such problems as if you are very sweaty, feet are very cold in winter, if you have pneumonia, smell of feet, then do these asanas, increase mental concentration, remove diseases of penis and vagina Is helpful in doing. Waist pain also reduces, its practice increases the power of thinking and understanding.
Gomukhasana (Gomukhasana)
Method: Sit with both legs spread out in front. Fold the left foot and place the heel near the right buttocks. Fold the right leg over the left leg in such a way that both the knees are on top of each other. With the right hand raised up, turn towards the back and hold the right hand by bringing the left hand from behind, from below. The neck and waist remain straight. After doing it for about a minute from one side, do it from the other side in the same way.
Benefits of Gomukhasana: Gomukhasana helps in strengthening the arms, spinal cord, hemorrhoids, cervical spondylitis, sexual problems, back pain, keeping the kidneys healthy and flexible for asthma.
Gorakshasana (Gorakhshasana)
Method: Put the two legs’ eddy and paws together in front of each other. Now sit the suture pulse (between the anus and the urinary tract) at the ankles. Both knees are resting on the ground. Keep the hands on the knees in the position of Jnana Mudra.
Benefits of Goraksasana: They are healthy through blood circulation in the muscles properly. This asana is helpful in applying Moolabandha naturally and maintaining celibacy. Provides peace of mind by ending the versatility of the senses. That is why its name is Gorakshasana.