Learn the Symptoms and Signs of Bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder Kya Hai – The mind of a patient with bipolar disorder varies continuously. People suffering from this disease become happy in one moment, sad in another.

Bipolar Disorder:

How strange is it that when a person is happy at the same time and at the same time gets down to commit suicide.  Have you heard about this disease?  This disease is not less than any incurable disease.  In this, the patient’s mind varies continuously.  This disease is called bipolar disorder.  This is a complex mental illness, in which the patient’s mind is either very depressed or very excited for several consecutive months or weeks.  In this disease, a person suddenly has Mood Swing.  It is a cyclic disorder, in which the victim’s mood turns alternately into two different and opposite states.  This is a disease in which the behavior of the victim changes rapidly.  The person suffering from this disease suddenly comes under stress and his confidence increases completely and in the next moment he becomes completely calm.  Many times in this disease, the person is unable to control his behavior even if he wants to.

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This disease is usually found in people who consume drugs.  What to eat and what not to eat in bipolar disorder  What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder as well as what is bipolar disorder, we are going to give information about it here. If you want to know about this disease then you have come to the right place. How many people can treat bipolar disorder?  We also want to know what the solutions can be. We will tell here.

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder, which can be understood as mania and hypomania.  Both these problems can be from days to months.  A person’s mood can change, again and again, he may feel full of energy.  During this time, people do a lot of things throughout the day and night but do not get tired.  This nature of the patient can continue for a long time.  Changes in your behavior can also be hypomanic, in which the person may feel depressed with less energy.  Sleeplessness and doing nothing can be a symptom related to bipolar disorder.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder:

  1. You may have problems sleeping due to bipolar disorder.  Depression and fatigue are also common.


  1. The behavior of a person suffering from this disease becomes irritable.  Both insanity and depression can occur simultaneously in a person suffering from bipolar disorder.  Getting irritable in small matters is also a symptom of this.


  1. A person suffering from bipolar disorder also has trouble thinking.  They cannot think of anything which causes them to forget.


  1. In this disease, a person cannot do any work well.  This happens due to difficulty in talking to others, due to which there is a constant disturbance in their work.


  1. A decrease in energy is also a common symptom of a person suffering from bipolar disorder.   They find it difficult to complete a task.  People suffering from this disease are unable to put all their energy into work.


  1. A person suffering from bipolar disorder is always lost in their thoughts.  Don’t know where he reaches in his thoughts.  Thousands of things keep going in the mind of such a person, which they do not control.


  1. Bipolar disorder is mostly found in people who use alcohol and drugs to come out of depression.  Such people are not able to come out of depression due to the use of alcohol but become victims of bipolar disorder.


  1. Spending a lot of money on waste things is also a common symptom of this disease.  The person cannot think what he is doing.


  1. Not eating food is also a symptom of this disease.  Due to irritability, such patients also eat very little food.


  1. Such patients are sad about those things which are of no importance.  He may suddenly become unhappy over unworkable things.