What is Depression?


There is a disease whose patients are most visible around you. Depression is one of the common diseases today. Children, young and old are victims of this disease. The reason may vary, but the symptoms are almost the same.

What is depression

In fact, depression is a disorder in which a feeling of sadness engulfs a person for two weeks or even longer. This reduces interest in life. Negative emotions take over.

In depression, any person feels his energy level decreases continuously. His everyday life also does not remain unaffected.

symptoms of depression

  • To be constantly surrounded by sadness. feel anxious. Bad mood due to some reason.
  • There is no hope from life. Utter disappointment.
  • To feel guilt, to consider life as a burden all the time, and to feel helpless for not doing the work that you want.
  • Uninterested in favorite works.
  • Insomnia. Sleepiness or too much sleep in the early hours.
  • Constant weight loss due to loss of appetite. Obesity by overeating.
  • To think of suicide in mind. Trying to commit suicide.

 Types of symptoms of depression

Disease: Along with mental weakness, some people become more worried due to their physical weakness and diseases, which slowly start to deteriorate their balance and this problem becomes the cause of their depression.

Family problems: Some people have many problems in their home like poverty, unrest, family feuds, lack of money etc. Such people also start thinking more on every small thing and in the process of finding the reason behind it, they make themselves sick of a terrible disease.

Loneliness: Loneliness has a very wrong effect in a person’s life. Nowadays these reasons are found more in the youth group, when their boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on them, then they start to feel lonely and become a victim of depression.

Hereditary: Depression is also hereditary. If your parents were more anxious before your birth then you may also have a habit of being worried. Especially your mother, if she was troubled by anything at the time of your pregnancy, then you are almost 100 percent prone to depression. That is why a pregnant woman is advised to be happy.

Unemployment: One of the main causes of depression is unemployment. There are many students who get their education due to great difficulties and unmatched hard work, but they do not get a good job. Due to being educated, such students are mentally strong and they try a lot but even after their tireless efforts, they do not get a job, then in the end they become a victim of depression.