Are You a Mastrubation Addict? Follow These 14 Tips to get Rid

Wake up early and sleep early:

The law of nature is to sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning, but exactly the opposite is happening in the current environment. Actually night time attracts us to many sex temptations. So to avoid this it is important that you go to sleep early at night. So that you will be saved from these thoughts.

I believe that most people masturbate at night while sleeping on their bed. So if you go to sleep early at night, then you will definitely put a lot of control over masturbation.

To clear your misconceptions:

Some people feel that there is nothing wrong in masturbating by drinking milk or by eating chicken (meat). In this affair, they start masturbating several times in a single day. Which damages their health (svasthy). By doing this you will not benefit at all. Therefore, I will give you the opinion that you should stay away from such misunderstandings and avoid masturbating.

Avoid any provocation:

In the goal of quitting masturbation addiction, when you stop yourself from masturbating for a long time, then you start feeling very good and your confidence also increases. But due to this addiction, your mind keeps on encouraging you to masturbate.

Then at that time you need to avoid this incitement. At that time, understand that this 5 minutes of fun can ruin your last several days of hard work. Therefore, those with such attraction should stay away from time.

Help other people:

Helping other people, if this quality of humanity comes in you, then you too will be counted in the category of greatness. Whenever you get time, do help those needy people who are not able to do their own Madad. Apart from this, you can share your experience and knowledge with children younger than you.

If you find any person troubled by masturbation addiction then you can also tell him to get rid of this problem. If you help others, it will also give you peace and satisfaction and your confidence will also increase significantly.

Have Positive Thinking:

Behind every successful person, there is an important role of positive thinking of that person. When a person has positive thinking then everything becomes easy for him and he does everything in a good way. So it is important for you to have Positive Thinking to fight masturbation addiction. Whenever you are unhappy or you get a failure, then you keep your thinking positive. Positive thinking will give you great benefits in stopping masturbation.

Meditate to take time for yourself:

The most important thing is that you take some time for yourself. When we are alone, we feel both our strengths and shortcomings. This time should be such that you are alone and you talk to yourself at that time.

You can think about your Jeevan, about your future, to improve yourself and to remove bad habits from your life in this precious time. You can find new ways to get rid of masturbation addiction, make new goals and when you get rid of this addiction you can remember those moments.

Do not reward yourself:

There are many people who deviate from their goals after achieving some success. Those who are addicted to masturbation in this way also do not control themselves on getting little success (Saflata). If you have not been masturbating for 15 days or 20 days, then after that do not think at all that I have not masturbated for so long, then I do it once today.

Meaning that in the happiness of your little success, you should not do that for which you have been working for so many days. Do not give yourself such an award, but instead, you spend time with things or friends to eat something. If you give yourself the gift of masturbation (Uphar), then believe me that this addiction will return again in your life.

Drink plenty of water Drink a lot of water:

If you want self-control in yourself, then drink more amount of water. The best times to drink water are in the morning. Do not drink too much water while eating food, but only when you are not eating anything. Whenever you have bad thoughts in your mind then you drink water. By doing this, your mind will be refreshed a bit. So it will keep you away from masturbation.

Do Exercise:

Exercise gives us many advantages. Exercise keeps us healthy and it also helps us a lot in fighting diseases. Include exercise in your daily routine. By exercising continuously, our muscles get the benefit and this also makes our blood circulation very fast.

Apart from this, it will increase your will power. You can run, jump from a rope, lift weights or play with your friends. When your will power will increase, then you will also get rid of your bad addiction.

Fasting :

By keeping fast, all our body gets relief. In addition, it also relaxes our muscles. The main benefit of this is that we are able to digest food easily and enjoy eating naturally.

Fasting gives us a lot of benefits in a short period of time. Fasting is a way that gives you a strong desire to get the desired results. This keeps the mind calm and dirty thoughts (Gande vichar) also do not enter the mind. So whenever you have time, keep fast.

Forgive Yourself:

If you have masturbated accidentally after not masturbating for a few days, or do not hate yourself for the number of times you have masturbated till now. Defamation by yourself can never help to increase your will power.

Whenever we feel guilty in our life, it is proof that we should change something in our life. Forgive yourself whenever you feel guilty. Be patient and be ready to give up masturbation again.

Stay away from drugs:

Drugs are considered a very bad thing in our society. This is also appropriate because Nasha destroys the houses and the person who is intoxicated can never get happiness in his life. That person becomes so addicted to drugs that he starts to waste drugs gradually.

There are many side effects of intoxication, as well as the person who is addicted to drugs, commits many crimes. This intoxication promotes our excitement when we are drunk. Because of which we get intoxicated and start masturbating. So always stay away from drugs.

Do not give up:

To get rid of masturbation, you can make small goals. For Example, You can make the goal that you will not masturbate for the next 1 week. By doing this you will not find it too hard. The same if you have not masturbated for some time and sometimes accidentally masturbate again after a few days, do not panic. You remain steadfast towards your goal and do not give up. Every person first fails to achieve any major goal. Keep in mind that victory is only after losing.

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Get help from a specialist or doctor:

If you do not get rid of masturbation addiction even after doing all the remedies mentioned above, then you must know that this addiction is leading you to stress and it can cause your life to be stressed. To get out of this you can meet an Expert or a psychiatrist who will help you get out of this mindset.