Do sex in this way, female partner will not be pregnant

After marriage, every couple thinks that they should not become pregnant. Due to this fear, there is a fear in everyone’s mind, but you will be surprised to know that if there is a position to be pregnant during sex, then on the same side there is also a position of not being pregnant during sex. If there is a fear of pregnancy during your mind, then let us tell you some steps through which you can enjoy sex and the chances of getting pregnant are also reduced

After marriage, couples enjoy sex very hard but avoid having children. There are many youngsters who continue to enjoy sex without getting married. Many young people are building physical relationships using condoms, caper tea, birth control pills, etc. Their motive behind this is only to enjoy sex and not to give birth to a child. Even if the child stops, they do not take any time to drop it.

Dr. Diwakar Tejaswi says that if the enjoyment of sex is enjoyed in a natural and safe manner, the fun is doubled. By not doing so, there is scope to get stuck in many diseases and problems.

Nowadays the feeling of motherhood and paternity is decreasing. The relationship between woman and man is left only to Saxsukh. For this reason, the trend has started that people shy away from becoming parents. Sociologist Hemant Rao says that couples who enjoy only sex can enjoy it till the age of 30-35 years, but by that age, if they are avoided to have a child, then kind of physical and mental troubles start. There are many cases where couples who do not want children for a long time have to face a lot of problems later.

1 – 69: Everyone knows that your female partner can never be pregnant with oral sex. In this position of 69, both partners can enjoy sex for a long time without any fear

2 – The Lotus: This position is very unique in itself, in which both the man and woman are close to each other and sit on their lap and enjoy it.

3 – Woman on top: This position is the most pleasurable, along with it the woman is less likely to get pregnant because the flow of sperm in it goes outwards.

4 – Wear your shirt: After having sex for the first time, you should not wear them under garment and wear them in your shirt. After this, you open the button of the shirt and then make the atmosphere romantic. In this way you can also enjoy sex and there is no tension to become pregnant.

5 – It is very special for adults that to avoid pregnancy during sex in this way, seek the advice of doctors.

There are 2 types of contraceptives, natural and artificial.

Natural contraceptive

When using natural contraceptive methods, no contraceptive drugs are used. In this special way, keeping in mind the monthly cycle, it is saxed in ‘safe period’ only.

Safe menstrual cycle: One of the natural methods of family planning is the safe menstrual cycle. Under this method, precautions are taken not to have physical relations during the ovulation period.

Ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the next period starts in women. Sperm and egg are more likely to fertilize during ovulation. Actually, sperm survive 24 to 48 hours after sex, which increases the chances of pregnancy during this time.

Advantage: It does not require any medicine, no chemical nor any contraceptive. There is also no fear of any risk or side effect in this.

Disadvantages: This method cannot be called a complete success. If the period does not occur on time, then the chances of conception increase more.

Calendar Watch: In natural ways, there is a calendar watch, which has been used by women for years. In this, the possible time of ovulation is known by checking the temperature of the body and accordingly it is decided to do or not to do sex. In this, women have to note their temperature almost daily. When ovulation occurs, the body temperature rises by half a degree.

Advantage: It does not use any type of medicine or chemical. This does not have any side effect and no harm to health.

Disadvantages: This remedy is also not completely safe, especially for women whose menstrual period is not regular.

Ejaculation method: In this method, sex activity is stopped before ejaculation, so that the semen cannot enter the vagina.

Advantage: There is no side effect of this.

Disadvantages: Every moment during sexual intercourse, there is concern in this mind. So, there is no complete enjoyment of sex. Apart from this, some amount of sperm may be present in the secretion initially released. Therefore this method is not successful.

Artificial insemination

Often women have to bear the responsibility of stopping pregnancy. Therefore, it is very important for them to have knowledge of the countraceptive used for this.

Birth control pills: There are several types of birth control pills :

Cycle birth control pill: The entire course of this is 21 days. 1 tablet of this is taken daily from the first day of menstruation. Along with this, this pill should be taken continuously for 3 weeks.

Benefit: By using this, pain during menstruation also provides relief.

Disadvantages: If you forget to take the pill for one day, then you can become pregnant, as well as problems like headache, nausea, weight gain etc.

Only Contraceptive Pill: Also known as OCP. It also has a course of 21 days, in which there are also 7 tablets of hemoglobin. In this way, women do not complain of anemia because they contain progesterone and estrogen hormones.

Emergency pills: It is used to avoid unwanted pregnancy after unprotected coitus.

Advantage: If this pill is consumed within 72 hours of having sex, then it is 96% effective.

Disadvantages: Using this is not good in terms of health.

Kauper T: It is used most all over the world as a contraceptive. It is of the shape of the letter T (jj) of English and it has a thin wire. It is applied inside the uterus. This does not prevent pregnancy. Whenever the child wants it can be removed.

Advantage: There is a benefit of 99 percent in this. Once the baby is there, the cooper tea is a good way to gap at the time of having another child.

Disadvantages: After applying Copper Tea, menstrual period is increased for 2-3 months, but it is cured later. It is planted and removed by a doctor.

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Contraceptive injection: It is an injection of estrogen and progesterone. It is applied in 2 months or 3 months. This prevents ovulation, which does not prevent pregnancy.

Advantage: 99 percent benefit of this. Menstruation also lasts for less days and there is no pain in menstruation.

Disadvantages: This leads to weight gain. After this injection, regular exercise and a balanced diet is essential in the diet.