Green Tea For Weight Loss: All You Need To Know!

You must have heard about the far-reaching benefits of drinking green tea. Green tea is in vogue for its huge benefits. People aware of fitness and overall health decide to include this drink in their daily diet.

Drinking a cup of green tea every morning can eliminate many health problems. Drinking green tea first in the morning can help a person lose weight effectively. Drink it twice a day and that improves your chances of losing weight.

Weight loss remains a constant concern among many people. You can exercise, try to change your lifestyle and still fail to lose weight. Use green tea to reduce those extra kilos (weight).

How does green tea work to lose weight?

Systems that empower the body to nourish and make usable for drinking are known as holistic digestion. Green tea efficiently assists the metabolism of the human body effectively, thus green tea has advantages for losing weight.

Green tea contains various chemical components. The most important components are caffeine and catechin. Catechin is a type of flavonoid with antioxidant properties.

Research suggests that both of these compounds can speed up digestion. Caffeine and catechin increase the amount of energy required by the body, thus creating the lymphatic fat that is present in greater amounts. All of this helps to eliminate fat more productively.

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Best time to drink green tea for weight loss

Have you ever thought what is the right time to drink green tea to get the most from this healthy mixture? All things considered, there are many things here that you should take care of some point to take Green Tea.

Before exercise:

A pleasant cup of green tea is practically all that will be useful in getting your body on track. Drinking green tea about thirty minutes before exercise can increase your standard of living. This can help remove fat and become more fit.

after breakfast:

Experts constantly ask to start a healthy day! Green tea can be the first thing to help after breakfast and is good for careful mindful approach during the day. After this have some solid breakfast and can taste green tea.

Before and after meals:

Many of us have a tendency to consume green tea immediately after having dinner. In any case, to get the best out of green tea, take it between two mill. To take proper benefit of green tea, it should be taken two hours before or after dinner.

Green Tea at Night:

Drinking green tea gives you better benefits if you have it two hours before going to bed. Green tea also provides a variety of therapeutic benefits. It builds momentum in your body’s digestion and destroys fat while relaxing you, as well as enabling you to wake the mind to a new state.

Green tea dose for weight loss

4-5 cups of green tea a day is not enough to lose weight. This may give an ideal dose of digestion enhancing minerals such as manganese, chromium and zinc.

With this, do not depend on green tea to get the shape. It only aids your efforts in weight loss. You have to supplement it with a calorie deficient diet and legitimate activities.

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Best Green Tea For Weight Loss

When we talk about green tea, all is related to weight loss but some types of green tea are different in terms of benefits. The difference between the different types is seen fundamentally in taste, texture and smell. More excellent tea generally gives better medical benefits and should be used whenever possible. For your weight loss, you can learn about these different types of green tea, which you can include.

1. Macha Green Tea Powder:
In terms of weight loss, Macha Green Tea is recognized as a powerhouse, which makes it different from others. It is a fine powder taken by the green tea leaves of the stone.

2. Sencha Green Tea:
Sencha Green Tea offers a delicious taste of melon and pine. Whenever you want to have a healthy drink, have this exceptionally rated green tea.

3. Genmaicha Green Tea:
This tea is known for its taste and has created a class among all. Green tea leaf is mixed with popped rice pieces for a delicious drinking tea. It provides a coffee-like flavor, thus rich in flavor and full-bodied pleasing.

4. Ginger Green Tea:
By adding ginger with it, mixing more flavors can also make the taste invigorating. It is worth mentioning that ginger can help you feel full between dinners.

5. Spread tea blend:
An extraordinary blend can be made by mixing green tea with pu-erh tea and mata tea. This mixture is known as butter tea. This amazing blend of tea gives medical benefits that reduce weight.

Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea reduces weight in the following ways:

1. It increases fat mobility in fat cells:
Fat can be burnt in energy only when it breaks down into bloodstream. Fat can remain concentrated in fat cells.

2. Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant, EGCG that can cause an increase in the hormone norepinephrine. This hormone triggers the breakdown of fat in fat cells, leading to further bleeding.

3. It can control metabolism:
Green tea is in high demand as it helps to increase a person’s metabolic activity. Once a person increases metabolism, they inevitably lose unnecessary calories.

4. This prevents you from consuming extra calories:
Green tea can kill your appetite in a healthy way. Repeated intake of this tea will make you feel hungry after regular intervals.

But your body will reverse with junk food and processed food items. So, with one cup of this energetic drink daily, you remove the extra calories.

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Green tea tips for weight loss

Before regular drinking green tea, you should know the following tips:

1. If you are sensitive to caffeine or suffer from isomania, more than four cups of green tea will be too much for your system, even if you do not benefit.
2. If you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, you should limit your intake of green tea to two cups a day. You can also skip it altogether.
3. Avoid drinking green tea if you are suffering from kidney and liver problems, or glaucoma.
4. Do not drink green tea with food as it may interfere with the absorption of iron in your body.
5. Do not take it empty stomach.