5 home and outdoor exercises, which can reduce love handles or belly side fat!

In the gym, the trainer first introduces crunches and Sit Ups to reduce Love Handles or Side Fat.

I would like to tell such trainers and beginners that no matter how many days you do these exercises, your side fat will not be reduced.

To reduce love handles and belly fat, you have to understand a few things before finding an easy way to get rid of love handles and belly fat. With these, you will be able to reduce side fat in no time.

Exercise to Reduce Love Handles is necessary to reduce love handles. But there is no need for crunchage, sit ups or abs workouts.

For this, you will need moves in which the rest is minimal and you can do them at high speed. Like, push-ups, squats and jumps.

Weight loss exercises do many types of exercises to lose weight. But when it comes to reducing belly fat, it seems very difficult. It is not so easy to lose belly fat. Belly fat burn with belly fat or belly fat is also a very difficult task. For girls, reducing belly fat and getting flat tummy is like a dream. Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat is also necessary daily for a flat stomach. But if done right exercise, then this work can be done easily

Today we are telling you about some easy home exercises. You can reduce love handles by adding them to High Intensity Interval Training in the gym or at home.

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Things to keep in mind to reduce love handles

Love handles are the fat on the back of the belly, which accumulates around the lower back. Fat gradually accumulates due to high calorie intake and reduced physical activity.

The love handle is stubborn fat, which is very difficult to pass. This requires a clean and healthy diet with exercise. Remember these things while reducing love handles …

1. Reduce body fat
2. Calculate food
3. Stop core exercising
4. Increase physical activity
5. Eat green vegetables

Now let’s talk about easy home exercises to reduce love handles / side fat.

1. Walking Plank

Walking planks are one of the major exercises to reduce love handles. To do this you have to get into the initial state of normal pushup. Now one by one, you have to move your hands in the planks position. This is followed by raising your elbows again to get into the initial state of pushups.

In this way, keep doing the raps very often. Yoga mats can be placed under the elbow on the floor of the gym or home.

2. Squats

Squat is a good home exercise to reduce love handles. Before doing this, keep in mind that the stronger the leg roots are, the stronger the tree will be. Similarly, the stronger your legs are, the stronger your torso will be.

As well as strengthening your legs, squat will also burn belly fat faster. Can perform basic air squats or weighted squats. Keep in mind that these have to be done frequently.

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3. Mountain Climber

You also have to get into the initial position of a pushup to do a mountain climber. To do this, place your hands on the ground or on the stepper. Now move the legs back and forth.

While doing this, keep the core and hips tight as much as possible. Remember, the tighter the core, the better your muscles work and the fat will burn.

4. Toe To Bar

If your house has a pull-up bar, well, otherwise you can do it through the hook or the string at any height. In this exercise, try to touch the toe.

Initially there may be trouble in doing this exercise. But as we practice, it will start getting easier.

After few weeks you will be able to do it easily. At that time you can do 3 sets of 12-12 reps as often as possible.

5. Tuck Jump

It is almost like high-nex exercise. While doing this exercise, you have to raise both knees together and bring them down together. Also, when you go up, try to bring your elbows closer to your knees.

Be careful while doing this, otherwise it can fall. If you are a beginner, keep a soft seat at the bottom so that it does not hurt if you fall.

Tip: Include these exercises in your high intensity workout plan. Apart from this, do strength training, cardio also. Apart from these, it is also important to stay in your diet control.

6. Running exercises is to reduce stomach

Try to run to reduce belly fat. It is an effective way to maintain your heart rate, burn calories and reduce belly fat.

7. Jogging is an exercise to reduce belly fat

If you don’t like running, try jogging instead. Research suggests that jogging is more effective in breaking down unwanted fat than weightlifting. It is a form of aerobic exercise that is extremely useful for fighting obesity, reducing abdominal fat and staying fit.

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8. Swimming to reduce belly fat

Swimming gives you the benefits of cardio which reduces weight loss to tone your body. The strokes you choose while swimming should be strenuous to help you burn more calories. You can go swimming once or twice every week to reduce belly fat.

9. Abdominal exercise cycling

This is another effective cardio exercise to reduce belly fat, which helps you reduce belly fat by burning calories.

Try to run to reduce belly fat. It is an effective way to maintain your heart rate, burn calories and reduce belly fat.

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