Hot Flashes in Men – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Purush me Hot Flashes – Hot flashes are a problem associated with a hormone imbalance that usually occurs after menopause in women. Due to this, a sudden intense heat is felt in the body and the face turns red. This problem results from an imbalance of endocrine hormones and increased levels of estrogen hormone. Further in this article, we are going to elaborate on the causes, symptoms, and home remedies of hot fever. Along with women, men also have hot flash problems.  Due to this, many problems can arise in men, such as – decreased sexual desire and red body.  Apart from this, there is also the problem of hot flash due to stress. The problem of hot flash is seen in most of the women, but this problem also occurs in men.  Due to a lack of potassium in the body, men get the problem of hot flash.  In this, the body of a person becomes suddenly hot and he feels burning sensation with sweating.  There are certain hormones in the body of women that affect the hypothalamus of the brain, thereby regulating body temperature.  Similarly, there are some hormones in the body of men due to which the problem of hot flash also occurs.  The testosterone of men of about 30 years declines, due to which they suffer from hot flash.  Hot flash causes problems like excessive sweating and redness on the body.  Let us know what are the reasons due to which men have a problem of hot flash.

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What are hot flashes?

Hot flashes are caused by the imbalance of bile defects . Due to which the body starts feeling warm and restless. Vata dosha is also imbalanced with the predominance of bile dosha in hot flashes, causing women to feel hotness and restlessness as well as stagnation. Hot flashes are more commonly felt after menopause in women, because after the menopause there is an imbalance of estrogen hormones in the body such as estrogen hormones. Hot Flashes problem occurs because the male testosterone hormone. The problem of hot flashes is not different from the problem of women in men, because the problem of hot flashes is mainly due to low level of hormones.

Reasons for Hot Flashes in  Men :

Androgen Deprivation Therapy:

Androgen deprivation therapy is a method in which the production of testosterone is restricted so that cells in the body do not grow, causing hot flash problems.

Routine: Too much stress or mental health issues like depression and anxiety can cause hot flash problems in men.  Due to this, problems like loss of sexual desire, change in mood and erectile dysfunction can arise.

Medical disorder: Some medical disorders can cause men’s testosterone levels to fall, causing them to suffer a hot flash.

Hormones: As men grow older, their body produces less testosterone and androgens.  Sometimes it falls short of normal, due to which the sex drive can decrease and is also responsible for the development of hot flash.  Low testosterone and androgen levels typically occur after a person is 50, but they may initially be in the 30s.

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Symptoms of Hot Flashes –

Some of the symptoms of hot flashes are:

  1. Sudden warmth of the skin.
  2.  Excessive sweating in the upper body.
  3.  Excess heat in the face, neck, ears, chest, and other parts.
  4.  Fingering of fingers.
  5.  Heart rate higher than normal.

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Treatment of hot flashes –

Treatment of hot flashes depends on what causes them.  You can control these by taking some precautions at home.  If these become more complicated then you must consult a doctor.  Some people start taking measures without knowing which is totally wrong.  So before taking any remedy, consult a doctor.

Exercises to protect against hot flashes –

Although hot flashes can happen at any time, they are also more due to stress.  Therefore, they can also be avoided by reducing stress.  Stress can be reduced by adopting these measures:

  1. Yoga
  2.  Meditation (Read more – What is Meditation)
  3.  Breathing exercises / pranayama
  4.  Taking a walk
  5.  Sleep also comes from these measures. 

 By spending time in the open, reading books, listening to music, the body gets relief.

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Keep body temperature low to avoid hot flashes –

Excess body temperature can also cause hot flashes.  Keep your room cool.  Wear light and loose clothing to keep body temperature low.  Cotton clothes take comfort in this problem instead of other clothes.

Do not eat spicy food if you want to avoid hot flashes –

Some diets and drinks increase your body metabolism, which is a big reason for hot flashes.  Spicy foods, caffeine-rich drinks, and alcohol intake promote hot flashes.  Hot flashes can be avoided with the help of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.  Beverages that cause hot flashes  Taking cold drinks regularly will keep your body temperature normal which will not cause hot flashes.

Quit smoking to avoid hot flashes –

Smoking is also a cause of hot flashes.  Rather it increases the possibility of hot flashes.  Therefore, staying away from smoking can also get rid of the problem of hot flashes.  Quitting smoking can also prevent heart disease, stroke and many types of cancer.

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Dietary changes: 

Smoke is a cause of smoke also Hot Flashes. It increases the possibility of hot flashes in women, so the problem of hot flashes can be relieved by staying away from smoking.

Spicy food- If men want to avoid the problem of hot flashes, then they should reduce the spicy food because spicy food increases the metabolism of the body, which is the major reason for hot flashes.

Maintaining low body temperature – Excess body temperature can also cause hot flashes, so try to keep your room temperature cool and in summer cotton (rather than other clothes worn in light and loose clothes to keep the body temperature down) Cotton ).

Vitamin-rich diet- Men should consume a vitamin-E-rich diet after menstruation stops because vitamin-E has the highest anti-oxidant found to help reduce hot flashes. Nowadays, vitamin-E capsules are easily available in the market.