Full Body Detox: 10 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body

Vishharan Diet – Do you always experience lethargy? Do you suddenly get acne and pimples on your face? Are you feeling disturbed in your digestive system? If yes, then your body has become toxic. Dirt is not only present around us, but it is also in our bodies. Due to this, many types of diseases like- stress, insomnia, cold and flu, indigestion, weight gain, etc. are started. If they are not treated in time, then these common diseases can take serious forms. Therefore, knowing these common symptoms, it is necessary to treat them. Detoxification is called freeing, nourishing, and relaxing the body from toxic substances. During detoxification, toxins are released from the body and the body gets nutrients, which keeps the kidneys, skin, lungs, intestines, etc. healthy. To detox the body, it is very important to consume some food and beverages. Detox is the process of keeping the body and mind healthy and fresh. This causes mental stress and other disorders to run away and new energy is infused. Avoid alcohol, fried foods, sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed food, etc. It is good to drink more water and eat green vegetables. Toxins increase stress. Stress affects the body’s actions.

Environmental pollution, food contaminated with pesticides, and even junk foods that increase stress affect both the body and mind. This stress increases the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. The accumulation of large amounts of these toxic elements and the retention of stress is called oxidative stress. Weight gain is also a sign of toxic waste accumulating in the body. Generally, people with unhealthy and bad habits of eating suffer more from this problem. Such people eat and drink more. These people can spend very little of the calories they eat. As a result, the body increases obesity by storing calorie energy as fat. So eat as much as you can afford. Increase calorie knowledge associated with food items. Learn to control yourself in terms of eating together. Stomach gas, indigestion, belching, burning, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., show that the waste that is being formed in the body is not coming out. Due to diet and habits, waste is accumulating on the garbage and poison is becoming and the body’s cleansing system has derailed. Toxins block body functions. There are many methods of body detoxification and consulting a doctor is necessary before starting any detox program.

Ways to Detox Your Body :

Neem – and expressed guilt away haemopathy from neem Paki had ten Nimboli continual suckings cured. Dry neem leaves, flowers, nimble bark, and root in shade. Take one-fourth teaspoon of water every day. Every type of blood defect will be cured by this. Life will be healthy for a long time.

Dry grapes – Kidney and liver cleanse: Soak 25 grams dry grapes in the water at night. Grind them in the morning and dissolve in a cup of water and drink it daily, it clears the blood. Kidney and liver are purified by this use. It can be done 3-4 times in a month, this is a very effective remedy.


Aloe vera – Beneficial for the whole body: Guarpatha is antiseptic. Fresh juice of aloe vera should be mixed with 25 grams honey, 12 grams, and half lemon juice and drink it twice in the evening.

Bitter gourd – Clean contaminated blood: Mixing 60 grams of bitter gourd juice in one cup of water and consuming it regularly for a few days clears the contaminated blood of the body.

Amla – beneficial in skin diseases: Amla reduces the increased heat in the blood. The stool stored in the blood purifies the blood by removing toxins. Burns the feces of the meat by increasing the heat in the meat. Muscle purges funds. Amla cleans everything in the body. It is beneficial in skin diseases. It is a storehouse of Vitamin ‘C’. Creates new blood.

Milk – Blood purifier: Drinking lassi of raw milk keeps blood pure. Add honey to milk and drink for four days.

Bell – Blood clean: Mix the powder of vine and native-born in salmon and take it with water. Blood will be cleared.

Lemon – Cleansing the stomach and intestines: Lemon purifies the blood. Lemon should be drunk thrice a day in warm water. Water should be warm like tea. Or cut one lemon into four pieces. Fill four cups of milk. Drink immediately by squeezing a piece of lemon in a cup of milk.

Turmeric – Blood clean: Mix half spoon turmeric, one spoon ground amla and take it with lukewarm water, it clears the blood.

Onion – removes blood disorders: By drinking a quarter cup of onion juice and a lemon juice or honey, drinking it regularly for ten days eliminates blood disorders and purifies the blood. Half a cup of fresh onion juice, one cup of carrot juice, one cup of spinach juice mixed with all three, by drinking stomach every morning, the hungry stomach is cleared and blood is cleared.

Are 'detox' and 'cleanse' passé?

Detox your Feet with apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is considered to be very beneficial for your health, skin, and hair. This helps detox your feet. You can use apple cider vinegar as a foot bath detoxing.

  • For this, pour 1 cup of vinegar in a tub of hot water.
  • Now add 2 teaspoons of rock salt, 3-4 drops essential oil, and soak the feet for 20-30 minutes.
  • Now clean the feet with towels and apply some cream or moisturizer.

Submerging your feet in water softens the veins. Hot water is effective in reducing foot pain. Besides, warm water and apple cider vinegar foot bath increase blood circulation, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. It helps to relax muscles and get a good night’s sleep. At the same time, rock salt helps in the treatment of pain.

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Detox your Feet with Lemon and Mustard Oil:

Detoxing the feet helps to detox the entire body. Another easy and effective way to detox your feet is by using lemon juice, mustard oil, Himalayan salt, and hot water.

  • For this, massage your feet with oil, salt, and lemon.
  • After massaging for 5 to 10 minutes, take hot water in a tub.
  • Now squeeze lemon juice in warm water, add a little rock salt or pink salt and baking soda and soak your feet for 20 minutes.
  • This will not only relax your feet but will also detox your body.