How to Be Romantic With Girlfriend

Girlfriend se Kaise Romantic Baat kare

Tell your partner what you like:

Want to romance your partner over the phone? Praise them Tell them that they keep on missing you, by taking something that you particularly like. Give your partner a Compliment by taking something that is special to them. 

  • Give a compliment to his personality. Say, “I like to talk to you. You always make me laugh.”
  • Praise their look and feel. Say, “I can’t stop thinking about your eyes. I miss you.”
  • Praise his talents. Say, “You kiss me so well, I am having an insane attack right now that I can’t do that right now.”

Plan the dates you will visit:

If you cannot live together now, at least you can plan what you will do when you are together in the future. Talk about the dates you would like to visit, whether exotic or local. 

  • Plan to spend your fantasy vacation together and let your fantasy flight go far. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? On the ocean shore? On a cruise? In the mountains? Make a plan
  • Also, plan the dates for normal days. Talk about how you want to sit in the neighborhood restaurant with a sore neck on the couch. Just talk about your life together.
  • One way to increase sexual tension is to talk about what you will do later tonight. Tell your girlfriend what you are going to do tonight. In detail.

Talk about good times spent together:

Be Romantic Quality (quality) time spent on the telephone is a good way to remember old things. Talk about the great dates you went to earlier or the wonderful good things you did together.

  • Talk about the first time you met or the first thing that got your attention from your partner. It is always good to remember the first days of your relationship with each other.
  • Another great way to build sexual tension? Recall what you did a few nights ago. Tell your partner how many wonderful things she did, and you are sure she will get her chance again.

Imagine together:

Sometimes, a phone is an opportunity to do things that feel awkward to talk to someone else about. If you are chatting on the phone, then you can easily do some objectionable things about your sex life. Talk about the things that you want to explore with your partner, and what gets you excited.

  • If you are not yet sexually active, or even if you still want to, phone sex is another outlet to explore together.

Set regular phone dates:

If you have to be regular, then it is a good idea to have a regular phone date at a certain time, so that you feel like you have quality time that you are spending together. Take out half or an hour daily so that you can talk about each other’s day, talk about the future, and spend time together talking.

  • You may or may not want to talk every day. If you want to be apart for a long time, then consult your partner how much you both need to talk on the phone.

How to be Romantic with your Boyfriend?

Do something together on the phone:

A great way to spend a phone date is to plan to do the same activity while talking among yourself on the phone. Plan a fun and easy activity that you can do at home, and also keep talking on the speakerphone. It will be as if you are together, even if you are not. 

  • Watch a single episode of your favorite TV show, or a big game and talk to it on the phone. Watch your favorite movies together. Even if you have to be silent most of the time, it will be almost as if you are together.
  • Try to make the same recipe simultaneously at the same time. While talking, keep talking to each other and laugh together at your successes and failures. When you are done, send pictures of the final result to each other and see who has made it better.