How to Cure Period Problems Naturally

Period Ki Problem Kasie Thik kare

Menstrual problems arise in women due to many reasons, one of them is the menstrual discharge or periods in small amounts (period kam hona). During menstruation there can be various reasons for less bleeding or bleeding such as nutritional deficiency in food, improper lifestyle or more stressful living. There are many problems in women due to menstrual disturbances, such as loss of fertility or problems in getting pregnant, weight gain, formation of glands in the ovaries, loss of appetite, loss of hair on the face, menstruation All these symptoms of hormonal imbalance are found in this problem.

What is reduced menstrual bleeding? ( What is Light Period?)

All diseases in Ayurveda are due to imbalance of Vata, Pitta, Kapha . Similarly, problems related to menstruation occurring in women are also the result of imbalance of defects. This is due to nutritional deficiencies in the diet, and improper lifestyles, or other reasons.

Light Bleeding Symptoms

Early onset of menstruation in women – low periods in years, or menstrual period to be the difference in common, but if so it followed too long it is considered a disease. It can be caused by any uterine disorder, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies in the diet and excessive stress or labor. In most cases it is due to uterine disorders, or the formation of glands in the ovaries. This condition should not be considered normal. Home remedies should be taken if these symptoms of low menstrual bleeding ( masik dharm me blood kam ana) are seen.

The less bleeding at menstruation ( Causes Of Less Bleeding During Period)

There are many reasons behind menstruation or menstruation, of which these are the main-

Thyroid like to be related issue-Thairotoksiyokosis ( Thyrotoxicosis )
Hormonal changes that occur before menopause .
Not taking proper diet such as lack of essential nutrients in the diet.
Having a very stressful life or depression.
Be the glands in Andashy called polycystic ovarian syndrome ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is also called.

Try these  home remedies for less bleeding during menstruation

People usually try home remedies first to get relief from low bleeding during menstruation . Let us know which are the home remedies which help in reducing the bleeding in menstruation.

Use of turmeric when there is less bleeding in menstruation

Start by drinking a pinch of turmeric in hot water and drinking it twice a day, five days before the scheduled date of menstruation. This remedy corrects the problem of low menstrual bleeding ( period me kam bleeding hona).

Carrot benefit in less menstrual bleeding problem

Carrot carotene ( Carotene) is that estrogen (in the body Estrogen increases levels). This causes the menstrual discharge to be open and timely. Eat two to three carrots a day. Less bleeding in the periods ( Period Me Bleeding Kam Hona) which is hormonal problem comes very handy intake of carrots in relieving the discomfort.

Is less bleeding at menstruation use of sesame and jaggery ( Sesame Seed With Jaggery: Home Remedies For Light Period)

The effect of sesame quality is hot, so eat jaggery in one teaspoon of sesame ten days before the start of menstruation. It corrects the problem of low bleeding during menstruation ( masik dharm ka kam ana).

Consumption of ginger when there is less bleeding in menstruation  (Ginger Juice: Home Remedy for Less Bleeding During Period)

Eat one teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with one teaspoon of jaggery. This remedy is very beneficial in menstrual irregularity. Consult a Ayurvedic doctor for better remedy.

Period Diet: What to Eat and What not During Periods?

Papaya benefits due to less bleeding during menstruation ( Papaya:  Home Remedies for Less Bleeding During Periods)

Eat papaya fruit. It contains carotene ( Carotene) stimulates estrogen hormone. Due to its use, menstrual discharge occurs on time and openly.