Reduce Body Weight- Important Things to Notice

In order to lose weight and gain weight, it is very important to have a good diet.

Because you need to focus on your food more than the workout. For any fitness goal, you have to pay attention to your calorie intake but there are some other factors that help in achieving the goal during the fitness journey.

To increase and reduce weight, calories have to be consumed according to BMR.

What is BMR, why is it important? You can click on this link to know about its healthy range, muscle gain and fat loss / burn for Bmr definition purpose equation and uses in fat loss and muscle gain etc.

For any fitness goal you need to make the best diet plan. Only then you can achieve your goal.

Now the question arises that how to make a diet plan to get good and according to your goals?

I too had created my diet plan to lose weight by following these tips and believe me, I had lost a lot of weight in no time. You can click on this link to know my diet plan and workout plan (

So today I will tell you some effective tips to prepare a weight loss diet plan. Which can help you prepare a diet plan. So let’s know about those tips….

1. Decide your goals

The first way to achieve any fitness goal is to dissect your goal. Only then will you be able to plan ahead.

Now you think you are very fat and you do not know what is your goal, do you want to lose weight or gain muscle?

You will not be able to get the results until you decide round. Consult an expert to set the goal and then set your goal.

Once you have set the goal then proceed only.

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2. Know our BMR and calorie intake.

After round decid it comes how much calories you have to take and how much is your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate?

The total number of calories your body uses on a daily basis is known as your ‘total daily energy expenditure’ (TDEE). It is determined at the level of your activity throughout the day along with your BMR.

If you want to lose fat, then eat 500 calories defecit less than TDEE.

A formula is given below, which allows you to easily remove your BMR.

BMR = 66 + (13.7 × Weight in kg) + (5 × Height in cm) – (6.8 × Age in years)

If you don’t work out, multiply your BMR by 1.2, less active than 1.37, moderately active, 1.55, more active than 1.72, and if extra active, multiply by 1.9, TDEE will be the result.

3. Add easily available food

While making a diet plan, take special care that add such foods which are easily available and which you can consume according to your routine.

Now imagine that you add grilled chicken in the morning breakfast and if you go to office or college, then it can be difficult to grill chicken in the morning. At the same time, add eggs, omelette, yogurt, fruits etc. which do not take much effort to cook.

On the other hand, if you have enough time, then you can add these food at your convenience.

4. Add different dishes

I can understand this that if we are asked to eat the same dish every day, then we get bored of eating and then do not eat so furiously. So take special care that you keep changing your miles.

For example, if you eat boiled eggs daily at breakfast, then in no time you will become bored after eating eggs. Therefore you can eat egg bhurji, omelette, half boiled etc. instead.

With this, you will not be bored by eating the same type of dish and will also be able to enjoy the meal.

5. Add snacks and fiber

Always try to take 5-6 small miles. For this, add morning and evening snacks to the diet. This will reduce your appetite and eat less in the next mile.

Add fruits, dry fruits, green tea, nuts, etc. to the snacks, they also remain healthy and help reduce hunger.

Conclsuion: Besides these, it is right to add low carb and low fat foods in the diet plan. Give priority to high protein food. If there is still a confusion then you can ask us by commenting.

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We Will also discuss the diet plan tips below.

1. Get up in the morning and drink water

Drinking water as soon as you wake up in the morning can help you a lot in reducing your weight. For this, you have to drink one lemon in a little warm water and remember that do not use sugar in it. Half a teaspoon of honey can be added if needed.

If you have a habit of drinking coffee or tea in the morning, avoid it and replace it with a habit of drinking hot water.

2. Breakfast

Always start the day with heavy breakfast, because it gives you energy for a long time and you do not feel hungry soon. Your breakfast should be high protein. It should also include some amount of carb and fat.

like :

1. Oatmeal and fruits with egg whites
2. Egg and Spinach Bhurji
3. Egg Bhurji / Omelette / Paneer Bhurji

3. Lunch

You will also need to add some amount of fiber in lunch. You may have less appetite due to morning heavy breakfast, but you do not have to skip lunch also.

You can eat salad in it, which can be a good option if you have kukumbar, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, boiled chicken, tofu / cottage cheese, olives, onions, beetroot and spinach. You can mix all these as per your availability.

Also, you can take brown rice with any high protein curry or lentils. Wheat bread, soybean lentils can also be eaten.

4. Snacks

Some people like to have tea and coffee in evening snacks. But for some time you will have to control this habit. Controlling tea and coffee does not mean that you start taking vada pav or pav bhaji.

You will have to include snacks, peanuts or boiled gram. You can mix salt, onion, tomato to taste.

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5. Dinner

You do not need to prepare miles separately for dinner. You have to take the same food that you ate in lunch. For this, point of third number can be read.

6. Before bed

If you are hungry even before sleeping, then you can take a glass of low fat milk, just make sure that sugar is not found in it.

Things to keep in mind:

You need to eat right to lose weight. If you give up eating completely for this, it will be very dangerous for your body, because your body needs nutrition to function and if it does not get to your body, then the body will burn your muscles. Which is very wrong.

Lack of physical activity is also another reason to lose weight. For this, you should also do running, jogging, weight lifting etc., so that you burn more calories.

Weight does not increase in one night or is less in one night, so do not take any shortcut, otherwise you will cause great harm to your body.

Exercise in the advice of an expert, as he will be able to guide you according to your body.