Sex during Periods? All you need to know!

You have periods once a month during your reproductive years. Many people get confused about sex during the period. Some people say that it has many benefits, while some people believe that it is not safe. Many people avoid having sex during periods. Let’s know what is the opinion of experts about sex in the period…

Gynecologist Anju Verma says – If both partners are comfortable having sex during periods, then there is no problem. But while having sex during periods it is important to keep some things in mind. If your partner is experiencing any kind of pain during this time, do not force them to do it. Apart from this, to avoid any kind of infection, the mail partner must use condoms during this time. Clean the private part before and after sex.

As long as you do not have any allergies then there is no need to avoid sexual activity during periods. Although for some people, sex during periods can be a bit troublesome but it is safe. When your periods are going on and in such a situation you have sex, you can get some benefits including relief from period spasms.

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Is sex in period right or wrong?

Is sex during menstruation harmful or beneficial for women’s health? This question remains in the minds of many people. Some people talk about it openly, while some people feel hesitant talking about it.

Several studies have also accepted that women enjoy sex more during the period. However, there remain many ideas about how sex is good for his health in this period. In this article we will discuss the important things related to sex in the period.

Sex connection in period

First of all, be aware that menstruation (period) is a process occurring in the body of women, which is completely natural. It comes to a healthy woman after a certain interval every month and recovers on its own. Naturally it is associated with the fertility system of women. Periodic periods are a sign of good health of women.

It is safe to have period sex

Having sex during periods or having sex during periods is considered safe. So far, no research has revealed that women or men may be at risk of some kind of disease by having sex during the period. Actually, during the period, there is a fear of dirt about the blood coming out in the minds of most people. This is why some people shy away from having sex during periods.

Benefits of having sex in period

1. Reduce the pain of periods

Many women experience severe pain during periods. In such a situation, having sex gives relief in this pain. Sex during the period increases the levels of oxytocin, dopamine hormones and endorphins in the body. These pain killers work as pain killers during periods. It is said that having sex during periods relieves the menstrual pain. Many women experience more pain during periods, who get relief from pain by having sex during their periods.

2.Remove irritability

A few days before the period begins, irritability in the nature of women comes. In this case, the endorphins and oxytocin released from the body during sex activate the Pleasure centers in the brain, which leads to the feeling of orgasm, which relieves stress. Having sex during the period relieves the mood swings that occur during this period. Women who feel irritable during periods get a lot of comfort from having sex during periods.


3. No danger of pregnancy

The possibility of miscarriage by having sex on normal days remains, but during periods, the possibility of pregnancy by sex reduces significantly. During this time there is only 15 percent chance of getting pregnant. Another advantage of having sex in periods is that during this period the chances of getting pregnant are minimal.

Pay attention to these things as well:

Sex can be harmful for your health, whether you do it during normal days or during periods, if you are negligent in safety. Having sex in periods increases the risk of some serious diseases.

Having sex during periods can increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV in women. In this case, make sure that your partner is not sexually transmitted.Viruses that spread sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV or hepatitis remain in the blood. They can cause serious health problems when exposed to the blood of periods. Therefore, condoms should be used to have sex even during periods

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It is safe to have relationships during periods, just you need to take special care of cleanliness while making the relationship, so that you and your partner are not at risk of infection. So try to clean your private part with water before and after making a relationship. Many couples enjoy having sex during periods because women are naturally lubricant during this period. In such a situation, men enjoy more sex during this period. But during sex during periods it is very important to take care of cleanliness. During this period, there is a higher risk of infection from women to men. If you like to have sex during your period, you need to be careful about it. According to you, you can make arrangements for cleaning during sex. You can enjoy sex during the period, taking care of cleanliness. Hopefully, the information given in this article will work for you and you will be able to enjoy sex during periods.

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