Enjoy long-term sex and increase sex stamina-Learn it and do it

Your physical ability is directly related to your sexual life. Only by physical capacity can you do sex for a long time. The part of your physical ability that is used in sex is called sexual stamina. Stamina of your body automatically improves as you increase your physical capacity. Only a healthy person is able to perform well in sex and all work. Stemina has an important role to improve sexual life. Realizing its usefulness, today you are being told about ways to increase sexual stamina and to have sex for a long time.

Stay away from depression and stress for long time sex – Long time tak sex karne ke liye rahen depression aur stress se dur
Impotence or erectile dysfunction caused by stress and depression can spoil the sexual life of men. Depression and stress often affect your sexual activity even though you are healthy. Actually due to stress, your body relaxes and your stamina is reduced. If you are suffering from stress, depression and any mental problems, then you should first consult a doctor to overcome them.

Identification of disorders is the way to increase sex time

Healthy men can also have sexual disorders. Experts say that men who engage in sex activity want better penis stimulation every time. But this is not possible with all men, sometimes men are not able to show activity in sex. This problem occurs every time due to nervousness and stress. At the same time, let us also tell you that many men can get sexual diseases. In many cases, experts recommend taking Viagra if not active in sex, this increases the confidence of some men. If you have any problem in having sex, then you should immediately identify the disease and start treatment.

Exercise to increase sex time

There are many benefits to exercising. This not only activates our muscles, but regular exercise also removes defects of sexual activity. Below are some of the exercises that you can do to improve your sexual stemina. (Read more – How to increase sex power and ways to have sex)

To go swimming

In many research, it has been found that people who swim regularly, they have less sexual problems in their sexual life. Even after the age of 60 years, the sexual stemina of swimming people remains like a youth. By regularizing swimming, the body maintains flexibility and all muscles operate properly, increasing your stamina. Read more – How to protect hair and skin while swimming)

Cardio exercise

By doing cardio exercises, your heart works properly. Cardio exercise can include cycling and fast running. Actually, heart rate accelerating exercises are included in it. This exercise is beneficial for sexual stamina of both men and women.

Frog pose

To increase sexual stamina, make a habit of doing Frog pose in exercise. This causes activity in your lower back. This exercise also works to keep you away from stress.

Keegle Exercise

By doing Kegel pose, problems related to the bladder are cured. Not only this, it also strengthens your lower back. Women can easily reach the level of orgasm during sex by regularizing it. While doing this, the problem of premature ejaculation in men is easily solved.

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Eat healthy food for long term sex.

Along with a healthy routine, you can easily increase sexual stamina by changing your diet. For this, you have to include such foods in your diet that will improve your sexual health, so let us know about those foods by which you will be able to enjoy your sexual life.


L-citrulline and amino acids are found in abundance in watermelon. This causes stimulation in the penis of men for a long time. After its consumption, L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine in the body. This increases blood circulation. Stimulation disorders also disappear with increased blood circulation.


Regular intake of ginger increases blood circulation. Along with this, it keeps you away from many types of diseases. Consumption of ginger makes the nervous system work smoothly. This improves sexual health.


For centuries dates have been known as foods that increase sexual strength. It contains such qualities, which make sexual disorders easily overcome. You can also eat it with milk. Consuming it for a few days will increase your sexual stamina.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds can be consumed to remove sexual diseases of men. It contains abundant amounts of zinc and magnesium, which are helpful in increasing your testosterone levels. Magnesium improves blood circulation by reducing inflammation in the veins. Along with this, its intake also helps in the functions of hormones and sexual glands.

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Consider your behavior to increase sex duration y

To consider behavior, you have to focus on the problem of ejaculation quickly. For this some experts insist on adopting the method of preventing slurry. In this method, before ejaculation, the men hold the area just below the crest of their penis and push the blood backwards. It does not cause ejaculation. For some people, stopping for a short time during sex also works more than the earlier method. Once the excitement of the organism decreases, you can start sex again.

Partner support is necessary to increase sex stamina

Men, with a focus on the problem of stamina, must ensure that their partner is the solution to fix this problem. Experts say that many times men do not talk to their partner about their satisfaction. Some men worry that they are not able to meet their partner’s expectations, but you can also find a solution to this problem by talking to your partner about it. If you are not able to have sex for a long time then talk to your partner, in many cases the woman does not like having sex for a long time.

Medicines are the way to increase sexual stamina

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men cause problems with stamina. But these problems can be overcome with medicines and treatment. In addition to the use of drugs for these problems, injection therapy can be adopted. Many types of problems of premature ejaculation can also be corrected by changing behavior and mental thinking. With the use of medicines, erectile dysfunction can be effectively corrected and men can increase their stamina. By increasing stamina, men are able to have sex for a long time.

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