Soaking feet with ginger vinegar can help sleep

Many people know that using hot water to soak their feet before going to bed can help sleep, but everyone’s constitution is different, and the same method will also have different effects.Insomniacs with both heart and spleen deficiency suggest to add some ginger and vinegar in hot water. Because ginger is warm, it has the effects of dispersing cold and warming the stomach. Acetic acid is bitter and warm, and has the functions of silting, hemostasis, detoxification and insecticide. Add ginger vinegar when soaking in hot water, one can absorb drugs through the skin, and the other is to cooperate with acupuncture points that can stimulate the feet, adjust the meridian function, dredge the blood, adjust the organ function, so that the mind is nourished and stabilized To improve sleep. The method of ginger vinegar soaking feet is mainly suitable for those who are troubled with both heart and spleen deficiency, that is, how many dreams are easy to wake up, forgetfulness, dizziness, limb weakness, mental fatigue, diet, tastelessness, and lack of complexion. Athlete’s foot, dry skin is more suitable. First take the appropriate amount of ginger, cut it into slices and boil for 1-2 minutes in water, then add water to adjust the temperature to about 45 ℃, add the appropriate amount of vinegar and soak for 15-20 minutes. Experts also pointed out that because hot water, ginger and vinegar are all warm substances.