Keep Your Body Healthy and Beautiful With these 20 Easy Ways

Aise Rakh Sakte Hai Aap Apna Shrir Swasth

A healthy body is met with hard work and proper food. Exterior beauty comes from using any cosmetic. Today we are going to tell you how you can get a healthy and beautiful body with proper eating and a little exercise.

Protein is very important for all women. Indian ladies often do not take special care of their diet. As soon as they wake up in the morning, they become busy with household chores in such a way that they get some time to eat only after settling all the work. Housework is important but more important is your health. Therefore, it is very important for them to know what and when to eat as soon as they wake up in the morning. Because the first diet in the morning is very important not only for their day’s energy but also for their health in future. Because the first diet of the morning protects you from many diseases.

1. Single Diet Plan

For people who eat only one type of food, this is the biggest problem that they have difficulty in getting a healthy and beautiful body. For those who are dieting or eating a balanced diet, it is very important that they do not eat the same type of food to lose weight, but eat something new and different every day.

2 Breakfast:

Do have breakfast in the morning. It keeps you fit throughout the day. And also keeps your digestive system healthy.

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3. Skim milk

Drink skim milk for good health and weight loss. Because creamy milk has high calorie content. And creamy milk has less calories which helps in reducing your weight.

4. Water

Drink plenty of water, it will keep your skin hydrated and the dirt from your body is also clean.

5. Reduce caloric drinks

To lose weight, it is important to see how many calories you are consuming. So if you want to lose weight, stop drinking canned juice or cold drinks found in the market.

6. Eat food 4 times a day

Eating a little bit of food four times a day will help you lose weight. In the first part, take green leafy vegetables, in the second one fourth, take the food that contains starch. And in the third part, take meat by mixing meat and all.

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7. If you are hungry

Whenever you feel hungry, first drink a glass of water, this will make you hungry and you will not eat much food.

8 healthy snacks

Usually after 3 o’clock we start feeling hungry. At this time we should eat food which increases our energy levels. So some low-fat foods should be taken such as low-calorie yogurt and almonds, or walnuts.

9. Soup

Drink soup for a healthy body. This gives strength to your body. But in soup also you should have soup with less calories and fiber.

10. Eat slowly

Chew the food slowly and eat well. It has been observed that the brain takes 15 minutes to know that your stomach is full. Eating more quickly can make you eat more food.

11. Low Calorie Spices

Use mustard, it contains fewer calories.

12. Diet Plan

It is important that you make a diet plan to lose weight. With this, you will remember what to eat.

13. Eat Out

If you are eating outside, then keep in mind that you start with soup or salad, you will not be able to eat more locked food.

14. Avoid Sweet

If you are eating outside then avoid eating sugary like ice cream.

15. Diet free

Once a week, make yourself a day in which you can eat anything. You will not have any problem in following your diet plan.

16. Exercise Daily

Along with eating, exercise is also necessary for weight loss. Exercise 20 to 25 minutes daily, this will improve your blood circulation and will also help you lose weight.

17. Exercise with your partner

Exercise regularly with your partner, it will make you feel good to exercise and will also be fun.

18. Weight training

Do weight lifting exercises, it gives strength to your muscles and also makes you gain weight.

19. Do not exercise too hard or too fast

Do not exercise too hard or too fast to strengthen your muscles. Exercise 4 to 5 times a week.

20 Reduce alcohol Intake.

Lastly, drink alcohol as much as possible. And drink as many days a week as you can.

These Things should be taken Early in the morning

Coconut water

Women should drink coconut water first thing in the morning. It is a low-calorie drink. It contains antioxidants, amino-acids, enzymes, B-complex vitamins, vitamin C which is good for the immune system of women. It contains cytokinins which controls the growing age of women in such a way that their skin does not know their age. Coconut water also helps in weight loss. This also keeps BP under control. Being fat free, it also keeps your cholesterol under control.

Soaked black gram

Soaked black gram has more nutrients than almonds. It is the best resource for women for protein, fiber, mineral and vitamins. Women do not get tired throughout the day by eating it at the beginning of the day. According to a research, if a handful of soaked gram is eaten with honey every morning, it also increases fertility. If you eat a handful of gram daily without adding salt, it will also make your skin clear and glowing.

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All women must eat an apple in the morning. It contains flavonoids which protects women from ostoporesis and makes bones strong. Apples also help supply oxygen to the lungs, so many people also recommend eating apples before a workout. This also strengthens the immune system.

Glass of milk

Milk contains protein and a study has also shown that drinking milk daily also sharpen the memory of women. Milk is an energy booster, it is very beneficial for women’s skin, hair, and bones. Daily women who drink a glass of milk are less ill than other women. Milk is very important especially for women who have become mothers and their child drinks their milk.

Handful dryfruit

Mix dry fruits such as cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios and get more benefits by eating. Dryfruits are the best resource of energy as well as they are also anti aging. That is, by eating dryfruit, the aging appears late. Dryfruits are high in essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. By eating it, the deficiency of hemoglobin in women is also removed.

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