What Care we Should Take While Eating for Balanced Diet?

Santulit Aahaar Kaisa Hota Hai

Food is our life’s need. We are food, we get energy from food, and with that energy we do our work all day long; Meaning that life is spread. Our physical and mental health is maintained only by food . But is it enough to eat only food? The answer will be NO !!!

If we want to be healthy, then we should eat a balanced diet. Now what is this balanced diet? The definition of a balanced diet would be – A food or diet that contains all the nutrients in a balanced amount. Nutrients are the elements that are found in foods, that is, our health is good only by consuming them.

What nutrients are found in food?

Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Vitamins, Minerals, Water. We should eat food in such a way that our diet contains balanced amounts of all these elements. A balanced diet will be one that contains more carbohydrates, moderate protein, and a little lipid.

The reason for taking the diet in this way is that our body is made up of more protein and carbohydrates or some lipids; That is, food should be taken according to this distribution. Because 70% of our body is made up of protein, carbohydrates mainly provide energy and lipids to maintain smoothness in our bodies.

Examples of carbohydrates: bread, rice, grains, sugar, etc. Examples of proteins: eggs, cheese, milk, fish, meat, etc. Examples of lipids: milk, ghee, sweet foods, etc.

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Importance of Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals :

Apart from all these, we should also take milk in plenty, because milk contains abundant amount of all nutrients. Vitamins also have their own importance, a nutrient that is found in almost all foods, but in small amounts; But even a slight lack of them can cause diseases in the body.

Some vitamins are found more in select foods, such as vitamin A in green vegetables, vitamin C in citrus fruits, vitamin D in milk or milk, vitamin B in vegetables and grains. Meaning if you are deficient in any vitamin, you can take related foods.

Every vitamin has its own special function in the body, like vitamin A is very beneficial for the health of the eyes, vitamin D keeps bones strong, vitamin E keeps skin and hair healthy, vitamin C keeps immunity strong is.

Mineral minerals are called. Minerals are also found in small quantities in food items, but their intake is also very important. Examples of minerals are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, iron, etc.

The most important function of the mineral is in our body: to help in muscle stretch and relaxation. We are able to do all our physical activities only through stretching and relaxation of muscles. Minerals are found in plenty in all green leafy vegetables or in milk.  

Importance of Water in Balanced Diet:

Water also comes in the list of nutrients, yes absolutely 60% of our whole body or 70% of the brain and 50% of the blood is made up of water. Water maintains the moisture in the body, provides temperature, so that all our organs function properly, the skin, nails, hair remain glowing, the body’s internal functions also go on smoothly .

It means that we should eat food in balance only then it will be called a balanced diet. You will take food in the right balance, then you will be able to remain healthy, both mentally and physically.

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Keep some main things in mind while eating food:

  • Food should always be eaten in limited quantity, do not consume excessively. Excessive eating can cause many problems, such as indigestion, constipation, obesity etc. Remember that food is nutritious only when it is consumed in limited quantities as per the requirement, because nothing is very good.
  • Food should be eaten at the right time ,that is, the most golden rule is to eat only when you are hungry, because our digestive system works well in hunger or Hajma is good.
  • Try to eat fresh hot food, it is more beneficial.
  • Do not consume things left out of the fridge, heat them first.
  • Always eat fruits during the day, do not eat at night.