Why should one do yoga to become pregnant? All you need to know!

Every woman has a desire to become a mother. Some women conceive easily, while some have problems in conceiving. This problem can be both physical and mental. Many problems are solved in this way.

Yoga to get pregnant is considered very beneficial for getting pregnant, as it increases fertility / fertility of women. In this blog, we will tell you why you should do yoga for getting pregnant, types of yoga and pranayama, their benefits and tips related to yoga.

1. Why should one do yoga to become pregnant?

Women should do yoga when they are planning to  pregnant , as it has many types of benefits, which are mentioned below.

 Stress reduction-

Actually, doctors say that women can sometimes have ovulation problems due to stress. Doing yoga daily before becoming pregnant keeps the mind calm and tense.

 Increased fertility –

There are some yoga asanas which increase the fertility of women when done regularly.

 Weight loss –

Yoga is the best option for women who are having problems getting pregnant due to weight gain. Women can keep their weight under control by regularly doing yoga asanas like Paschimottanasana, Bhujangasana, and Baddhakonasana.

Blood flow is good –

By doing many yoga asanas, the blood flow in other parts of the body, including the pelvic area, uterus and lower back of the women, helps to conceive Can be found.

The release of toxic substances –

The regular flow of blood can make the blood flow in the body of women. This removes all the toxic substances of the body and makes the reproductive system healthy.

Increasing immunity –

Doing yoga daily not only keeps the body healthy, but also increases the ability to fight against diseases. Therefore, do yoga regularly before conceiving.

 To have smooth ovulation –

There are many qualities of doing yoga daily, among which the healthy ovulation process of women is one.
Keeping hormones balanced – By doing yoga asanas everyday, the balance of hormones in the body of women remains.

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2. What are the totals to be pregnant and what are their benefits?

Although there are many types of yoga asanas, but to be pregnant, it is also necessary to know which yoga asanas should be done and what are their benefits.

If you are suffering from any serious physical or mental problem, then please consult the doctor before starting yoga. The names of yoga asanas and their benefits in pregnancy are explained below –

Yoga for getting pregnant


Paschimottanasana leads the ovaries and uterus to function smoothly.
This asana makes the muscles of the lower back and hips flexible.
By doing this asana regularly, women can relieve stress and depression.

Hastapadasana / standing forward bend

Performing hand palpation daily helps to stretch the muscles of the lower back, this gives them flexibility.
By doing this asana, blood flow in pelvic area and nervous system is done properly.
This asana keeps stress away.
Performing this asana brings flexibility in the lower abdomen and spinal cord.

 Janusirsasana / one-legged forward bend

By performing Janushirasasan, the muscles of the back, waist and back of thighs are removed and they get flexibility.
By doing this asana, stress is relieved.
Many sexual diseases are cured by this.
By doing this asana, digestion is healthy.
This keeps the balance of the nervous system.

Baddha konasana ya titli asana / butterfly pose

Performing Badakonasana brings flexibility in your pelvic area and hips muscles.
By doing this asana, the fertility of women is increased.
This allows good blood flow to the pelvic area.
With this asana, the problem of high BP and asthma of women remains under control.
This relieves fatigue and stress.

Viparita karani asana / legs up the wall pose

By doing the opposite posture, the blood flow in the pelvic area of ​​the women is good.
By doing this asana, the waist and spine are flexible.
This asana helps in pregnancy.
By doing this asana, blood flow in the varicose veins of the feet is smooth.

 Balasana / child’s pose

Performing balasana daily strengthens the muscles of the hips, thighs and ankles.
By doing this asana, the mind remains calm.
This relieves fatigue and stress.
This leads to good blood circulation in the pelvic region and helps in increasing fertility.

Sarvangasana / shoulder stand pose

Regularly performing Sarvangasan relaxes the thyroid gland and allows the secretion of hormones from it.
By doing this asana, the blood flows in the uterus properly.
This relaxes the pelvic region.

 Setu bandhasana / bridge pose

At the time of Sethubandhasan, due to the pelvic area being upward, blood circulation in the uterus and ovaries is done well.
This reduces menstrual problems.
By doing this asana, stress is relieved.
This keeps thyroid hormones under control.
It relaxes the muscles of the back.

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 Bhujangasana / cobra pose

Regular bhujangasana transmits the necessary hormones in the woman’s uterus and increases her fertility.
Performing this asana provides relief in back pain.
It eliminates constipation and gas problems.

 Shavasana / corpse pose

Performing regular shavasana gives your body a rest.
This relieves tension and fatigue.
This asana also helps in increasing fertility in women.

 Tadasana / mountain pose

Tadasana daily causes blood flow to the pelvic area smoothly.
This asana makes flexible muscles flexible when sitting, walking and standing.
This asana affects almost all the organs of the body and helps to keep the reproductive system healthy.

Yogini squat asana / yogini squat asana

Pelvic area muscles are strengthened by performing elf squat posture.
This asana helps in pregnancy.

Padmasana / lotus pose

Performing Padmasana daily keeps the mind calm.
By doing this asana, the blood pressure of women remains under control.
This keeps the balance of various hormones and increases fertility.

3. Which pranayama should be done to become pregnant?)

Women can do different types of pranayam to become pregnant, which are explained below

Kapala Bhati Pranayama

By doing Kapala Bhati Pranayam daily, the reproductive system of women is strengthened. This allows smooth flow of blood in different parts of the body. Yoga experts say that pranayama, like the skull, is helpful in controlling almost every disease of the body.

Pulse purification pranayama

Performing pulse purification pranayama supplies oxygen to various parts of the body. This calms the mind and keeps stress away. If women preparing for pregnancy regularly perform pulse resection, it may help increase their fertility and help them conceive.

Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama helps in controlling high BP of women. It relieves headache, calms the mind and leads to good sleep. Bhramari pranayama keeps the balance of sex hormones and helps in conception.

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4. What are the tips related to doing yoga to get pregnant?

While doing yoga to get pregnant, a woman should keep in mind the following things –

1. Choose a clean and open space to do yoga.
2. Do not do yoga by sitting on the bed, for this use only on a yoga mat or a mat.
3. In the meantime, drink plenty of water, as it helps to flush out the toxins from the body.
4. During this time also take care of your food and food and eat a balanced diet.
5. Do not do yoga after eating a full stomach. Do yoga after or before two to three hours of meals.
6. Avoid doing yoga during menstruation, or do yoga only on the advice of a specialist.
7. If you have fever, weakness and any surgery, start a yoga practice on the advice of a doctor.
8. If there is any kind of discomfort while doing yoga, do not force it.
9. Do not drink alcohol and cigarettes if you are doing yoga regularly for pregnancy.
10. To become pregnant, it is very important for women to be physically fit as well as mentally fit. That is why if you are thinking of conceiving, then start doing yoga from today, because yoga has solutions to not only physical but also many mental problems.

This blog explains about the types of yoga to get pregnant and the types of pranayama and their benefits. But if you are suffering from any serious physical or mental problem, then please consult the doctor before starting yoga.