What to eat in periods – Foods to Eat During Periods

If you have done everything to calm stomach pains and spasms and to organize mood swings, then try some foods that can give you great relief during periods. Eating the right foods during menstruation can help you function better on those days. So let’s know about these foods

Eat protein during menstruation – Protein Good for Period
Include more lentils, tofu, cheese and boiled eggs in your meal, especially in your lunch. Including protein in your diet will help you stop blood sugar levels and help reduce the craving for sweet food during this time. However, during this time stay away from black gram, beans like beans, as they can cause inflammation. Also stay away from spicy chicken and fish curry, which can cause nausea.

Calcium is helpful in menstruation – Calcium for Menstruation

A glass of warm milk can work wonders for you during menstruation. According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, calcium and vitamin D can help reduce the symptoms of PMS. In fact, they act as relaxing muscles and help reduce stomach cramps and pain. If you are lactose intolerant, eat foods rich in calcium such as leafy greens, nuts, soy, sesame seeds etc.

Vitamins Rich Food for Periods – Vitamins Rich Food for Periods

There are some vitamins that you can eat during periods. Foods rich in vitamin B6 can help you reduce inflammation and control mood swings. So eat foods rich in vitamin B6 like pistachios, broccoli, tomatoes, corn. Lemons, oranges and mosses that are rich in vitamin C are good for a woman’s reproductive health. In addition, foods rich in vitamin E such as pumpkin seeds, peanuts and sunflower seeds help to reduce the symptoms of PMS.

Diet with magnesium and potassium is menstrual pain useful – Magnesium and Potassium Rich Foods for Periods

Micronutrients such as magnesium and potassium can go a long way in reducing cramps and other symptoms. Pumpkin seeds, beans and tofu are good sources of magnesium that can reduce inflammation. Diets rich in potassium like bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes can promote mood, aid sleep and control bowel functions.

Carbohydrate benefits for menstrual problems – Carbohydrate for menstruation

Like protein, carbohydrates also help control blood sugar levels and control unhealthy food cravings. Therefore, you should include whole grains, oatmeal, wheat and multigrain chapattis in your diet.

Nuts are good for menstrual cramps – Nuts Good for Menstrual Cramps

They are packed with essential nutrients and they are very good to consume during this period. However, avoid the consumption of processed and salted nuts as you may feel bloated due to the high salt content. Keep in mind that nuts are high in calories, so avoid excessive intake.

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Fruits Good for Mens – Fruits Good for Menses

All fruits like apples, pears, berries, melons can help you cope with sugar cravings and provide all the macro and micronutrients to help you face weakness.

Omega-3 fatty acid rich dietary benefits

A study published in the Obstetrician and Gynecology found that women who took 6 grams of fish oil daily suffered less from PMS symptoms. In addition to fish, flax and pumpkin seeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help you get relief from cramps and pain.

Drink enough water in periods – Drinking Water in Periods

Drinking sufficient amount of water helps you to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and this gives you relief from water retention which is common during periods.

What not to eat during periods – Foods to avoid during menstruation

Along with eating the right foods during periods, one should avoid the intake of certain foods. Because some substances can cause bloating and pain. While the consumption of certain substances also affects your blood pressure and diabetes. So let us know which foods should be kept away during periods –

Do not consume caffeine during menstruation – Do not Consume Caffeine in Menstruation
Avoid eating processed food during periods – Avoid Processed Food in Periods
Avoid high fat food during menstrual cycle – Avoid High Fat Food in Menus
Do not eat more sweet during menstruation – Avoid Sugary Food in Periods
Do not consume caffeine during menstruation – Do not Consume Caffeine in Menstruation
Stopping the intake of caffeine-rich food and beverages can help relieve menstrual symptoms. According to Balch and Mark Stengler, caffeinated foods such as chocolate, coffee, tea and soft drinks worsen symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and breast tenderness. In addition, many energy drinks contain caffeine.

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Avoid eating processed food during periods – Avoid Processed Food in Periods
Excess salt intake may cause water retention and swelling. Avoid eating processed and packaged food as these are high in sodium content.

Avoid high fat food during menstrual cycle – Avoid High Fat Food in Menu

High fat foods have a strong effect on hormonal activity in your body. A change in hormones during the menstrual cycle is associated with symptoms such as swelling and breast tenderness. On the other hand, avoid taking a diet low in saturated fat as it reduces the level of excess estrogen.

Do not eat more sweet during menstruation – Avoid Sugary Food in Periods

Due to hormonal changes during menstruation, blood sugar levels become unstable as many women desire to eat sweet during this time. Foods that are high in sugar increase your blood sugar fluctuations, leading to mood swings and stress. In addition, the intake of refined, sugar-rich foods can contribute to immune system imbalance and fatigue. (Read more – Home remedies to reduce fatigue)

Keep these things in mind too

During the days you may have nausea and your appetite may be reduced. So do not force yourself to eat more food at once. Instead, try to eat small meals like fruits or some nuts at a time.
During menstruation it is more important that you chew and eat your food. Because at this time your system can become sluggish and can cause massive disturbances which can cause indigestion.

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