Yoga which give relief from acidity!!

yoga for acidity

Acidity Ke Liye Yog

Apart from eating chili-spices, people suffering from acid problems mostly suffer from stomach and chest irritation. The burning sensation increases many times due to which there is a problem of burning of the throat and sour water in the mouth. Sometimes this problem also occurs due to overeating. But this problem can be easily corrected through the right method of catering and yoga. Some yoga poses are effective even when there is a problem of heaviness in the stomach and repeated gurgling in the stomach.

These are easy ones that you can easily do at home. Just remember one thing that this asana will be necessary not only in the time of the problem but also daily. Also, catering will have to be changed. So let us know that through which yoga, burning sensation, and other stomach related problems can be overcome.

Yoga For Gas Relief  (Acidity Ke Liye Yog)

There can be many reasons for acidity. Some yogasanas can be effective in getting relief from acidity​. Acidity can be caused by lying down straight after eating, being overweight, smoking, smoking during pregnancy, drinking alcohol daily, drinking caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee

Yoga for Gastric Problem: (Acidity Ke Liye Yog)

There can be many reasons for acidity. Those who are troubled by acidity can only know how difficult it is to cope with it. Some Yoga For Acidity may be effective in getting relief from acidity. Acidity Lying down directly after eating, being overweight, smoking, smoking during pregnancy, daily alcohol consumption, tea, and coffee containing caffeine Drinking the drink can occur. Symptoms of acidity It is common to have chest and stomach irritation (Stomach Irritation). This happens despite good food and drink. There are many home remedies for this (Home Remedies), but here we are telling you about some yogasanas which can give benefit in giving quick relief from acidity. Yes, You will be surprised to know that by doing Yogasan, you can get rid of the acidity problem. It also has an effect on your digestion. Know here which yogasanas can be beneficial in relieving acidity.

These Yogasanas will give relief from stomach gas. Which Yoga Is Best For Acidity? (Acidity Ke Liye Yog)

1. Naukasan

Yogasana can be the most natural way to remove acidity. In this way, you can defeat immediate relief from acidity. In this yoga asana, lie down comfortably on your back. After this, raise your feet slightly above the ground while breathing. Also, the head and shoulders will also keep the same hands in line with the feet and focus on the toes. Hold the breath as long as you can. Now slowly lay back, exhaling. Repeat this asana 3-5 times.

Yoga For Acidity: These three Yogasanas are the cure for acidity, there will be air in the stomachs in a pinch! Learn how to do a posture
How To Cure Acidity: These 3 Yogasanas will give quick relief from acidity!

yoga for acidity

2. Ardh Matsyendrasana

This yogasana can also be quite beneficial to remove acidity. For this, spread your legs and sit down. Bend the left leg with the knee. After that, bring the right leg above the left knee and keep it near the knee. Claws should not go beyond the knee. After that, while moving the left hand from the shoulders, bring it above the right foot in such a way that holds the right toe and try to touch the navel while rotating the right hand from behind. Similarly, do it in the opposite direction.

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3. Paschimotanasan

Paschimotanasan can be very beneficial for you. In this yogasana, first, sit down facing the feet. Keep both AD claws together. After that, while exhaling, bend forward and hold both toes with both hands. Apply the forehead to the knees and both elbows will remain on the ground.