5 Best Ways to Increase the Penis size Fast

kaise badhaen ling ka aakaar:How to increase penis size? Many men constantly worry about not having a good sized penis, which is hard enough to satisfy their partner and create a stable and pleasant relationship. This problem leads to low self-esteem and even failure of some relationships. So it is important to exercise your penis to make it “longer and harder”.Today I will help you to increase penis size in Hindi (increase penis size naturally in Hindi), so that it will be easy for everyone to get knowledge of Penis increase exercise.Do you know how masturbation improves penis size? What are the possibilities to that?Sexual excitement based on penis? And how can we increase the size with healthy ways?Below, Penis increase exercise takes merely¬† 3 minutes of your time per day. You can do it anytime in the morning and at night. It depends on you when or where to do it but the ways are some of the best ways for men practice in normal circumstances.

Most times we think about surgeries and ways which are purely medical oriented but those should be the only the last and final option for the ones who wants to increase their penis size. To understand the other options we can do naturally which can help the size issues one is facing, as we keep the other part of body fit, there are healthy and easy exercises  to keep your penis healthy and the natural way to increase the size.In this article, lets take a look upon certain best ever ways of exercises that will help.

Penis exercises

This exercise will work for you. Let’s start.

Jelqing Exercise

This is one of the exercises that is more popular than any other for penis enlargement exercise in men. Because in most cases good results are seen.These exercises work to enlarge the entire penis in one form. To make the penis thicker, you should do repetitions slowly. The repetition usually lasts for 2-3 seconds, the repetition should last between 4-5 seconds to increase the thickness.

This exerts pressure on the penis and promotes good circulation on the blood.


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How to do jelking exercise

Wash your hands first.Draw an “Ok” sign using the thumb and index finger.Hold the base of the penis, manage your tightness and pressure. Now keep moving on the penis with OK sign like masturbation.Close before reaching the glands.

Penis Pump Exercise.

Such pumps operate on the principle of vacuum technology.They work by creating a vacuum around the penis, which ultimately increases blood circulation in the erectile tissue.The regular use of this device is stretching and expansion in erectile tissue, so as a result it is able to have more blood flow and increase penis size.How to exercise penis pump.First of all, buy a comfortable penisamp from any store or site.Understand how to use it, because the use of every penis pump is different. The technique is the same on HA.Insert the penis into the pump and follow the manual instructions.

Kegel Exercise


Keegel exercises are known to women. But for men, it is also beneficial for growth by improving blood flow and erection.The purpose of these exercises is to increase the amount of blood that you are pumping in the direction of the head of the glands and thus force the tissue to dilate and with this the thickness increases.It is also helpful for premature ejaculation.The important thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. Because you only have to suppress and contract the muscles that will improve blood circulation and you will be able to increase the size and firmness of the penis.How to exercise kegelYou need to find your Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. It is situated between the anus and scrotum. You can find it by trying to stop urine flow naturally.After searching, you need to contract the PC muscle. Hold the position for 5 seconds.repeat again. Taking a break of 2 seconds.It is up to you how much you can make. You should go for more contractions per day to maintain adequate blood flow to the penis.

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Warm Up Exercises 

This is an exercise that you should do only after getting up. To do this exercise, you will need a small towel and some hot water.How to warm up sub-exercises.Firstly wet the towels in warm water.Next, you have to wrap your penis and your testicles in a hot towel for about a minute.Then give a break of two minutes.Do this four or five times every day.Over time, you will get the penis size as you wish.However, note that in the early stages of this exercise, you may experience some discomfort and pain from the exercise.

Penis Stretching Exercise

In the penis stretching exercise, the penis needs to be stretched so that small micro-tears can occur in the penis tissue and promote new cell development. This new cell development permanently increases the size of the penis.How to do penis stretching accessoriesWash your hands Place your hand in the OK “ok” symbol to hold the head of the penis.Now, stretch the penis for a few seconds. Stretches can be done in any direction such as down, up, left or right. this is up to you.You can also rotate like 5 times clockwise and 5 times counterclockwise.A man said that masturbation is increasing my penis size?A reader of mine said that he has been masturbating for years. And I have felt my penis increase. He says that masturbation is also like penis excerise.

Masturbation is a great way to enlarge your penis.

Male, masturbation can be done easily and with pleasure every day, and can make penises larger. But for this you will have to masturbate more. If you masturbate normally, you will not be able to enlarge the penis.It is also important that you enjoy the whole of Hasmathum. Masturbator comes for men. It feels like a real vagina in use. I have also done it to him. Look how soft it is. My experience is very good with it.