11 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair Perfectly

Purush Apne Baalo Ka Khayal Aise Rakhe

It is true that women pay more attention to the maintenance of their hair. But now men are also paying extra attention to make their hair beautiful and healthy. Even though most men keep their hair short, special attention has to be paid to keep its hair shiny, thick and safe. Just shampooing regularly is not enough for hair. Maintenance of hair requires that you pay regular attention to it. Also apply conditioner with shampoo to keep hair thick and shiny for long time. Apart from this, applying oil regularly to the hair also makes the hair strong and healthy. At the same time, massaging the scalp with hot oil also strengthens the roots of the hair and also leads to faster growth of hair. In addition, the blood flow in the scalp is also increased by massage, which is very good for the health of hair.

Hair is usually of three types – oily, dry and normal. Before using any kind of shampoo, oil, conditioner and hair maintenance things, be sure to know what your hair is like. If your hair is dry, then your shampoo and conditioner should be full of moisture-providing ingredients such as jojoba and aloe vera. If your hair is oily, then you should wash your hair regularly. Also, you should use only those products made for oily hair to nourish hair.

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1. Wash hair regularly

Whatever type of hair you have, you should regularly wash your hair with shampoo. However, in the choice of shampoo, keep in mind what your hair type is. If there is any problem in it, consult a dermatologist.

2. Shampoo

Do not change the brand of your shampoo too often and too late. Every shampoo takes some time to show its effect. When the shampoo stops showing the effect on your hair, then think of another brand of shampoo.

How many times a week should you shampoo?

There is a general belief that shampooing in hair causes hair to become dry and lifeless, causing damage to hair, which is not completely correct. Shampooing hair depends on personal preference, but many types of chemicals are found in shampoos and sodium lauryl sulfate is added to shampoo, which can cause skin irritation.

Shampooing the hair every day worsens the health of the hair, because shampooing the hair everyday makes the hair dry, which increases the risk of hair breakage. It is considered better to shampoo hair three days a week, but if your hair is better by shampooing it once a week, then it will be right.

In humid weather, irrespective of your hair type, wash it thrice. In such weather due to sweat, dust and dirt stick in your scalp and make the hair very dirty.

What not to do

Do not use hair dryer to dry hair. Also, if you want to use it, always keep it at a distance of 10 inches. It will be better if the hair is dried in the natural way.

Do not use gels to make hair look stylish, as it will damage the hair for a long time.

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Use organic shampoo

Besan’s organic shampoo can be beneficial to get rid of chemical-filled shampoos. By mixing the gram flour mixed with water on the skin of head hair and other parts of the body, the dirt of the hair is removed and the force becomes dense, soft and shiny.

Always use lukewarm water to wash your hair, because the use of lukewarm water opens the cuticles of your hair, so that shampoos and conditioners go deeper into your hair. Too cold or hot water can damage the hair.

3. Apply oil

Regularly applying oil to hair is an important part of hair care. It has many benefits and it is very helpful in hair growth. Try to apply hot oil to your hair and also give light massage. To leave an effect on the hair, you leave it overnight or allow at least three hours.

4. Conditioning

Conditioning not only keeps the hair healthy, but also makes it shiny. For this, you can use natural conditioners such as aloe vera, tree tea oil, jojoba, etc. Also, commercially made conditioners are very helpful in getting soft and shiny hair.

5. Drying

There are several ways to dry hair after washing it with shampoo. Sometimes it is necessary that you wrap your hair in towels and allow it to dry. Blow drawing is also a popular method of drying hair. However, in this you have to take care that the hair does not dry out or get burnt.

6. Groom and Size

Its grooming is also very important to prevent hair fall after washing the head with shampoo. Do not be grooming for long and in a haphazard direction. This will cause more hair fall. Be generous towards your hair and use conditioner to keep it safe.

7. Dye carefully

Most men believe that hair whitening is a sign of age. In such a situation, they get nervous when they have white hair and lose confidence. As far as possible use only herbal and organic colors in the hair. Use natural hair color without chemicals like ammonia. Be sure to consult the expert to know which dye suits your hair well.

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Some Miscellaneous Ways to protect your Hairs

8. Protect hair from the sun

The harmful rays of the sun damage your skin as well as your hair. In such a situation, make every effort to protect your hair from them. Many hair products that protect hair from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are present in the market. You can use them.

9. Trim at regular intervals

To keep the hair clean and hygienic, trim them at regular intervals. For this, do a hair cut every 4-6 weeks.

10. Avoid wearing

tight hats: Due to tight hats or ponytails, stress on the hair roots increases. This increases the problem of hair loss. It can also cause baldness.

11. Balanced use of hair dryers
Hair can become weak due to excess heat. In this case, use hair dryers sparingly. Letting hair dry naturally is right for their health.

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