These 11 Ways You Can Use to Stop Mastrubating

Hasthmaithun Karna Kaise Roke?

1. Change your association:

Friends, there is a big role of consistency in our life. If you are a regular visitor of this blog, then you must have noticed that I always write something about consistency. Consistency determines the direction of our life. Leads us to such a path where even if we don’t want to go, we still go to that side. If your Sangati will be with good people, then you will learn very good things and Achte from those people. Which will prove to be very beneficial for your future?

If you have the same association with bad or ruined people, then you will also become bad and badass like them. No matter how good you are right now. So take special care of your association. Keep in mind that those people do not teach you some dirty gandi or bad words. If this happens, change your friends (Dosto) immediately.

2. Stop watching porn videos:

Most people get to know about Hastmaithun from their friends. With those people, they also learn to watch porn videos. Porn video is such an addictive thing that if you feel it is difficult to get rid of it. In this, the person wants to see those scenes again and again. Which is why they watch those videos every day. Porn content incites a person to masturbate.

When a person watches those videos again and again, their effect is that the person is forced to masturbate and by watching sex videos every day, he becomes a patient of masturbation. Which also causes his depression and stress. So to get rid of this addiction, you become serious and say goodbye to these porn videos forever. This will help you quit masturbation and it will also give you a lot of peace of mind.

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3. Quit reading sex stories:

A new treand is becoming very prevalent in the current environment. Internet consumers are increasing day by day in our country, which includes the most youthful category (yuva varg). The smartphone has played an important role in increse this growing internet users.

Today’s youth group is most connected to their phones. Due to which he is getting many important information from internet but many people are using internet incorrectly. The negative aspect of it is that today people waste many hours of their time sitting on many sex stories sites and the effect of this is that they are moving more towards masturbation. If you also read sex stories then leave it reading (padhna) only then you will be able to get out of the addiction of masturbation.

4. Make the right routine:

Our daily routine is an important link to succeed in life. If your routine is balanced then you will keep moving towards success. If your routine is not right, then you are sure to fail (asafal) or frustrated (nirash).

Even in the case of masturbation, routine is an important point. So make a good plan for your whole day and do all your work with the same schedule. Remember that you do not have any time for masturbation in that schedule and use your free time properly.

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5. Stay away from vulgar discussion:

To stay away from masturbation, you also have to stay away from porn (ashlil) talks. You will get to hear vulgar discussion in many places. It is mostly in the friends circle. So whenever someone talks about sex related to you, then you get away from that environment. The more you stay away from this environment, the more good thoughts will come in your mind. Doing this will prove very beneficial for you.

6. Don’t Think About Girls:

There are many people who always think about girls. By doing this, they not only pollute their thoughts as well as waste their time. Repeatedly thinking about girls or women arouses the craving for masturbation. So take these things right.

God has made a human being. Which has two forms. One is female and the other is male. So look at it naturally. Do not consider any woman as sex toys. When you understand this, you will also stop thinking about girls. When you don’t think of anything like that, then you will also stay away from masturbation.

7. Read Motivational Books:

The only way to keep your mind away from dirty and polluted thoughts is to put good thoughts in your mind. When you think well, you will do the same thing.

Swami Vivekananda has said – “We become what we think. ”

Therefore it is very important to think well of us. For this, you can read Motivational Books or you can also read our blog ( on the internet which will make you aware of new ideas every day and will improve your life. So to get rid of masturbation, start reading books from today itself.

8. Adopt spirituality in your life:

Worshiping God, reading spiritual books and listening to devotional music (Bhakti sangeet) can help you a lot in quitting masturbation. Spirituality purifies our thoughts and removes dirty thoughts from our mind and it also strengthens our will power. Therefore, adopt spirituality (aadhyatm) and move towards a better life.

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9. New – Learn new things:

Friends! You must have heard that “empty mind is the house of the devil”. This is absolutely true. When we are empty, many kinds of thoughts come to our mind. The person who is masturbating then gets more dirty thoughts which provoke him to masturbate. Therefore, to keep yourself away from these vicharo, learn some new work or do whatever you like. Doing this will help prevent you from masturbating.

10. Determine yourself:

You should determine to quit masturbation addiction completely. If you are determined to be determined, then nothing is impossible. Therefore, to keep away masturbation, you should always maintain your determination (dridh sanklp) and keep repeating this vow of yourself. If you remain determined, then one day you will get your destination.

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11. Be prepared for bad times:

Many surveys on masturbation have revealed many times that often people do masturbation more when they are under too much stress or they feel depressed. In such a pressured time, a person resorts to masturbation to keep himself happy and correct his mood.

Therefore, in such times of pressure, you should make a strategy beforehand to keep yourself away from masturbation. You can put your attention somewhere else at such a time or you can do your favorite work. Practicing this consistently will help you a lot in stopping masturbation.