How to reduce belly fat after pregnancy? Causes, Chart and Remedies

You may have felt that after the delivery your stomach tightness, ie its tightness and its size does not come back immediately. After the baby is born, due to hormonal changes, your stomach will decrease over time and also you can try to reduce it on your part by exercising yourself and you can get back to your old shape. Read this article to know all about the causes of increased fat and physical changes on the stomach and how it can be reduced.

Why women often look like pregnant even after delivery

During pregnancy, the fat and cells in your abdomen remain for some time even after delivery and end gradually. If your stomach grows continuously for 9 months during pregnancy, then obviously it is also reduced. Will take time. Therefore, even after delivery, your stomach may look equal to 6 months of pregnancy and your belly remains fat.

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How long can it take for the stomach to return to normal after delivery

1. 24 hours after delivery

A lot of weight is lost from your body within 24 hours of delivery. At this time, along with the weight of the baby, you lose about 5 kg more.

2. after one week

For a week, most of the fat in your stomach is reduced as urine, while the calorie and weight may be reduced by breastfeeding the baby.

3. After two weeks

The effects of breastfeeding and hormonal changes may begin to appear after 2 weeks of delivery due to excess fluid or lack of fluids and calories.

4. a month later

By 1 month after delivery, a change in weight begins to appear. Some people say that at this time a woman who has recently become a mother can lose a maximum weight of 18 kg. Therefore, it is possible to get back to your old size and old weight even after delivery.

5. Six weeks later

Changes inside the body can also change the look found during your pregnancy. As soon as your uterus shrinks after delivery, your stomach starts to thin.

6. A few months later

If you include a healthy diet and the right exercise in your lifestyle after a few months of delivery, it can help reduce belly fat and make it as you want.

7. After nine months

Your weight gain in 9 months of pregnancy should be reduced by 9 months after delivery.

Home remedies to reduce belly fat after delivery

Every woman or every recent mother wants that after delivery she looks thin or her stomach does not come out. This will not happen immediately but over time your correct habits help to reduce excess weight. There is no shortcut to this and keeping in mind your and child’s health, you are not advised to take a fat diet (food that does not have a balanced amount of nutrients) and do not overdo anything.

Instead there are many home remedies that help reduce your belly fat, such as;

1. Breastfeeding

This helps the new mother to reduce calories naturally (while drinking mother’s milk increases the calories in the baby

2. Eating healthy foods

To get back to your former shape or to slim down after delivery, you must also have the right and balanced amount of fat, carbs and protein in your diet.

3. Drink enough water

New mothers are advised to drink as much water as possible to reduce calories after delivery and to keep the main organs of the body functioning continuously.

4. exercises to reduce stomach after delivery

If you cannot go to the gym after the birth of a child, it does not mean that you cannot do some simple and safe exercises at home to reduce your stomach. Here are 5 exercises to reduce belly fat especially after delivery, which can help you, let’s know;

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5 exercises to reduce stomach after delivery

1. Pelvic Tilt

First lie down on your back and bend your knees and place a pillow under the hips and a pillow between your knees. Place the soles of your feet on the ground and keep your hands straight on both sides. Now breathe and exhale and pull your abs backwards and apply pressure on the hips. Keep this posture for five minutes and then relax and repeat for a while. If you have a normal delivery, you can start pelvic tilt exercise from about 1 week onwards, but if you have had a C-section, you will have about 8 weeks. Will have to wait.

2. Pelvic Bridge

Pelvic bridge exercise can be done approximately 6 weeks after delivery. To exercise pelvic bridge, first of all lie down on your back and keep a slight bend of knees and keep a gap between your legs. Breathe in and release your abs up and down your spine. Now bring your pelvis up from the ground, lift the hips up and form like a bridge. Now slowly bring this position down and return to your starting position. Repeat this exercise about 5 times and then continue to increase slowly.

3. Heel Slide

Lie on your back, bend your knees and pull your abs inward, keeping the heel slightly away from the hips. Flex your left leg a little and apply a little pressure on the ground from the heel. Then keep the pelvis upright and breathe in. Release the ava and straighten your left leg while putting pressure on the abdominal muscles. Now do this process with the other leg as well and do this exercise about 5 times with both feet and then continue to increase slowly.

4. Towel Pulse

Towel pulse is a simple type of crunch in which you have to bend your knees by lying straight on your back. Then hold the towels from both the ends and place the feet slightly below the knees. Keep in mind that your knees should be bent and then while pulling the towels, apply light pressure on the stomach and keep your shoulders and head above the ground. While doing this process, do not forget to breathe in and out, this exercises your abdominal muscles. Repeat it 10-12 times while exercising.

5. Single leg stretch with towels

You also need a towel for a single leg stretch. This exercise is for women who have been given 12–14 weeks of delivery. To do this exercise lie on your back. Now keep both legs straight and lift them in the air and bend one leg lightly. Now hold a small towel from both the ends and press forward on the thigh of the raised leg. While doing this, raise your head and neck as well.

Some tips to reduce belly fat

The following are some tips to reduce frozen fat in and around the stomach, which require your attention.

1. Start exercising slowly

While starting the exercise, keep in mind that you are doing the right exercise and it is also convenient for you. While doing this it is necessary to take frequent breaks and do not exhaust yourself.

2. Exercise with someone’s help

Find a partner to exercise, exercise with someone is always fun and both of you can also tell each other your experiences. It can also help you stretch after exercise and is safe.

3. Ball exercise to reduce belly fat

There are many types of abdominal muscle exercises you can do while exercising with the ball, such as crunchage. It helps strengthen your core muscles and improve your physical balance.

4. Eat a little more food

Stay away from dinner and eat food that you can eat and digest easily. Eating food in small amounts multiple times will give you and your child enough nutrition, as well as your body will not get more calories and you will not feel heavy.

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Is it normal to loose stomach muscles

You experience a lot of changes in your body during pregnancy. It is possible for your stomach muscles to remain tight after delivery. This problem is called rectus abdominis diastasis (in which stretch or tension can cause a difference in the rectus abdominis muscles on both sides). R.A.D. This can be caused by a number of reasons, such as your abdominal muscles are more weak, having a large baby or twins in your womb, thinning your pelvis or early pregnancy. This problem can be cured with the help of physiotherapy and not treating it can lead to backache problem.

You may feel that your figure has deteriorated after delivery or you have become fat and more. But after crossing these two stages of pregnancy and delivery, first of all praise yourself for this and feel proud only then you can go the journey of losing your weight and getting back to old shape. Since it is a part of the process, do not put too much burden on yourself. Make a goal according to the month or week and pay attention to your body changes after delivery. Exercising with a regular and healthy diet can cure you on time.

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