What Exactly is Conscious and Subconscious Mind?

Avchetan Man ki Shaanti – It is said that a common human uses only 10% of his brain, which is very less than the capacity of the brain. Actually there are two types of our brains. One is called ‘Conscious Mind’ and the other is called ‘Sub Conscious Mind’, ie the conscious and subconscious mind. We all know about the conscious mind, this is what we use in our everyday life. With this mind, we think and understand and take action. Everything thought and done with this mind is only superficial. Whatever happens to us in life, the real game is in our ‘subconscious mind’ ie the ‘subconscious mind’. The more you use it, the better life you will get. Thousands of thoughts pass through our minds throughout the day. There are some thoughts and desires that are so suppressed that we do not even know about them and when those events become real in our life then we cannot understand why this happened? Actually the whole game is of our subconscious mind. The same situation, which it wants, sometimes happens in our life in reality.


One of the characteristics of the subconscious mind is that it does not distinguish between the instructions given by us in the form of positive and negative thoughts. Whatever you think, your ‘sub-conscience mind’ gets involved in turning it into reality. The subconscious mind never sleeps, never stops, even when you are sleeping it keeps going. This is an example of this: you keep breathing continuously without stopping and keep beating your heart. When you get an injury, it orders your white blood cells to fix that injury and within a few days, your injury is cured, because you want your injury to be cured. After this, your ‘sub conscious mind’ gets into working by obeying your order.

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Only then it is said to always think well, that is what you want. Because what you want is what happens. Knowingly and unknowingly you sit worrying, get nervous and many such negative thoughts surround the mind many times. In such a situation, instead of getting something right, the situation gets worse because you are thinking right there. So from now on only think positively and see it happening.

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is Active Mind, whatever is said or told to us, then whatever reaction we have is due to our Conscious Mind.  When you do some work for the first time, you do that work with the utmost care, like if you know how to drive a car, then when you are learning driving for the first time you are quite scared. When to change gear, when to cliche and when to break.  Our entire focus is on the movement of driving the car.  That is, what we are seeing, feeling are all examples of a conscious mind.

Subconscious Mind

To understand the subconscious mind, we pursue the example of driving a car.  When we have learned to drive a car well, every movement is not noticed while driving the car.  When we have to break, we put a break, do not notice that thing, it all becomes automatic in a way.While walking the car, we talk on the phone, talk to the next person, break along, change gears.  All this happens automatically by us because it becomes our Habit and Habit is due to our Subconscious Mind.  Like the habit of eating food, if we eat anything in the dark, it will go in our mouth and not in our nose. When the subconscious mind accepts something, such as the subconscious mind admits that you have learned to drive a car, you drive a car without fear.  When our subconscious mind accepts something, it molds it into reality, that is the power of the subconscious mind, whether that thing is good for us or bad does not matter.

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Relationship  between Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind

You may have heard that Terrorists become bombs by tying bombs on themselves and carry out terrorist incidents, while they know that they will die too, but they do not care.  Why does this happen?  You have thought  This is why those people are repeatedly told that ‘for the sake of Jihad they have to give their sacrifice’, on speaking this, the conscious mind accepts it and the subconscious mind trusts it, the subconscious mind  Trust the matter, it has to be true. Friends, it depends on us which thing we should accept or reject for the conscious mind.  That’s why accept good things.  Whatever people want, accept only those things that make you happy, give happiness to others, which are good for your family, society, and country.  Do not pay attention to evils, always keep smiling, then only you will live your life.

Making the Same Mistakes - Focus Your Thinking

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Do Meditation:

Friends, wake up every morning and go to the Morning Walk, do some exercise and meditation, due to this we feel an enthusiasm, an Engery, a newness, nowadays we are only surrounded by Tension, Harpal has some worry, the worry of passing anxiety, the worry of job  Just someone is trapped in PROBLEM, by mediation we get peace, our stress ends and our concentration increases.  That’s Help To Achieve Your Goal Fast By the way, there are many types of meditation, I will tell you about it again sometime.

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Imagine Visualization:

Imagine your goal and your dream, we have already achieved our goal and our friends, parents are very happy, everyone is praising you. By imagining this, we get a lot of inspiration and the happiness that we have  On the face of family members, we try our best to convert it into truth. The power of the subconscious mind gives us success but it also has a limit, we have to work hard ourselves, we cannot achieve our goal without working hard.  The subconscious mind only helps us in achieving our goal, not any magical power in it.

Change your way:

Whenever we feel a failure in pursuing the goal, then do not feel discouraged or do not think that this work will not happen to me, I am very Dull, I can never move forward. Rather, you are coming to EXPERIENCE and PERFECTION only and only from EXPERIENCE and every successful person has a big list of Bad Experience .. Understand your shortcomings, we are saying that we are working, what should be used, all these things  Look at it and try to fulfill our shortcomings once again.