All about menstrual cup! Methods and benefits of its use in periods

Sanitary napkins and tampons start circulating in the mind when it comes to periods. Tension to change the pad if there is more flow. Stained tension. Different tension of going to the market again and again when the pads are over from the top. It has to make a different budget every month. But now there is a hygienic way in the market to avoid this expense every month in the form of Menstrual Cup. Many women still have little information about it. So today, let us tell you about the Menstrual Cup. So that you too can know how to handle your periods more thoroughly.

What is a Mental Cup?

The menstrual cup is a small, flexible ‘fennel’ cone-shaped cup made of rubber, silicon or latex, which women insert into their vagina. This causes all the blood or bleeding of periods or menstruation to gather in it. The menstrual cup has more blood than other menstrual methods, such as sanitary pads and tampons, making it more useful for many women.

How to use

Fold the menstrual cup into the C-shape first, then insert it into the vagina. As soon as you apply it, it fits into the outer layer of your vagina. That is, it will completely seal your vagina. After applying it try turning it lightly by hand. If fitted well it will rotate easily. After applying it, it does not need to change for 12 hours no matter how it flows.

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Benefits of a menstrual cup

The sanitary napkin has to be set repeatedly, but not the menstrual cup.
The menstrual cup takes the blood inside before it gets out, due to which there is no smell or smell coming out.
Blood in sanitary pads and tampons stays around the vagina for a long time. But this does not happen after placing the cup. Blood keeps collecting in it. Because of which you can never have Toxic Shock Syndrome. TSS is a rare bacterial disease caused by the application or use of wet napkins and tampons for long periods of time.

Menstrual cup

1- It is made of medical grade silicon, rubber or latex and the cup collects instead of absorbing the blood ie absorbing or absorbing.

2- The menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina. It has to be emptied every 4 to 12 hours.

3- The cups have been found to be better effective at collecting blood than sanitary pads and tampons.

4- Things used during menstruation, such as sanitary pads and tampons, increase a lot of garbage on the earth. On the other hand, 1 Mental Cup lasts at least 3 years. Then it needs to be changed somewhere. If it is maintained properly, then it also lasts for a longer period. You can use them countless times during this time period. Care has to be taken to clean them.

5 – Mental Cup does not come of ‘Free for All’ size. Since the shape of all women varies by age and class. The class i.e. those who have children and whose not, according to which both have different body designs. So they come in two sizes, one for women under 30 who have never been pregnant. Second, for women over 30 who are pregnant.

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6- There is some discomfort on the first use of anything. It is the same with the Mental Cup. At first you will feel like, Hi Re! How will it be done? But actually it is not so, just a little practice is required to apply them. By the way, how to use it, the table inside its box i.e. instruction manual is all written. Apart from this, an important point is what you need to remember while using it, do not panic while applying it.

7- It is important to clean them thoroughly before every use. What is it, that if you do not clean them well then bacteria can be produced in them, which can cause infection. Do not clean them with aromatic soap etc.

8- You can keep the Mental Cup together for 12 hours, that too without any leakage.

9- First time users may not like it very much while removing it. Because while removing, one cup is full, there is a possibility of blood in the other hand. But you have nothing to do, just wash it with water and the mantral cup is ready for use again. Believe it there is nothing easier than this.

10- A menstrual cup holds capacities of up to 30 mL at a time. Whereas on an average, a woman gets only 30 to 40 mL of total cycle throughout her period.

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Good for every age

There is no age to wear a menstrual cup. Any information can be done at any time. Even if you are late, there is no difference. There is no age for new beginnings. Also, if you have a daughter, teach her. The menstrual cup is a hygienic way to handle periods.

Some other benefits of using the menstrual cup
1- A menstrual cup works for many years. That is, relieving the expenses of expensive sanitary napkins every month.

2- No hassle of changing again and again.

3- Freedom to sleep in any position.

4- Tampons have more chemical than cups, that is, fear of diseases by using cups. Just have to take care of its cleanliness.

5- No tension to look back and look tense, nor tension to get upset during heavy flow.

6- Because a single menstrual cup lasts for many years, there is no worry of running to the medical store every time menstruation starts.

7- There is no tension to change or throw a pad when a relative goes out.

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