What is Hot Yoga? All You Need to know.

Hot Yoga is also called Bikram Yoga. Hot yoga is a very famous yoga to relieve our stress and benefit the brain. Bikram yoga improves heart health and helps in losing weight. It is a yoga style performed in a warm room. Hot yoga is very popular yoga, it is also often done by big celebrities. This yoga brings sweat out of your body which removes impurities from our body. Come, let us know in detail how to do hot yoga or Bikram yoga and its benefits.

What is hot yoga

Hot yoga is a modern yoga practice done in a hot room, resulting in sweating. A person does hot yoga in a warm room, which has a temperature between 37 ° to 40 ° (105 F or 40 C). You can imagine a tropical island without air in this situation. Mindful breathing is an integration with the Hot Yoga Movement that develops strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and nutrition for not only our physical but psychological well-being. Some practice hot yoga (hot yoga) tries to replicate the heat and humidity of India from where this yoga originated. Let us know in detail how to do hot yoga.

Hot yoga place and duration

There is no definite number to do hot yoga how many people practice this yoga in a hot room, but people who say they sweat it. A class of hot yoga or bikram yoga is of 90 minutes. There are many types of yoga in this hot yoga. This yoga is done in a room where the temperature of the room is 40 degrees (40 और) and the humidity of the air is 40%. Let us know in detail how to do hot yoga.

How to do hot yoga

To do hot yoga, you should choose a room whose temperature is 40 degrees and there is no air coming from anywhere in that room. After that you sit in that room by laying yoga mats. Hot yoga consists of 26 difficult asanas and two pranayamas. To do hot yoga, first you should do simple yoga of yoga series like Balasana, Vriksasana and Bhujangasana etc. After that, you should do yoga asanas which require strength and stretching to do. After this you do yoga asanas like trigonasana, uttrasana, dhanurasana, garudaasana, ardhachandrasana and pavanmuktasana. Apart from this, you should do long breathing pranayama like Anulom Vilom and Bhastrika Pranayam etc.

How hot yoga works

Hot yoga is completely opposite from other classic yoga asanas. There is no need to sweat to perform any classic yoga asana, but to do hot yoga you have to sweat. By doing this yoga, your heartbeat increases, due to which you should take a break in between. Hot yoga practitioners become addicted to endorphins, due to which they try to push their body forward. Endorphins increase the hormone energy level and make the mood good.

Exercising in a warm room strengthens the heart, clears nerves, cleans impurities from the body, and boosts the immune system. Hot yoga is derived from India where there is a hot climate. Hot yoga is modern yoga with the ability to reduce stress and blood pressure and improve flexibility and balance.

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Safety for Hot Yoga

Before doing hot yoga, it is very important to talk about its safety. In the 90-minute yoga class of hot yoga, your body temperature continuously increases. During this time, the temperature of the participants rises above 103 degrees, which doctors consider dangerous. ACE is suggested to those who are new to hot yoga. One study believes that hot yoga is not harmful to a person, but if a person feels headache, nausea or dizziness etc. during this period, then they should come out of the room. During hot yoga, you may sweat more due to which you may lack water, drink more and more water to avoid it.

Benefits of Hot Yoga to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, then hot yoga can be beneficial for you. By doing all the yoga series in a 90 minute class of hot yoga, this yoga can burn up to 500 calories. To reduce excess fat from your body, you can do hot yoga.

Benefits of Hot Yoga in Flexibility

Hot yoga is considered good to make your body flexible. In doing hot yoga, one has to do yoga like Dhanurasana, Trigonasana and Uttrasana which stretch your body and increase the flexibility in your body. This reduces your risk of injury.

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Other Benefits of Hot Yoga

1. Hot yoga increases your stamina.
2. By doing this yoga, you develop your ability to balance.
3. Hot yoga is considered good for curing heart related diseases.
4. This yoga develops the ability to breathe and through which more oxygen is transported in your body.
5. Hot yoga removes impurities from your body.

Take this caution while doing hot yoga

Hot yoga is not for everyone. Workout intensity and hot temperatures are likely to cause heat-related illness. Make sure you talk to your doctor before trying hot yoga, especially if you have any health concerns or if you are pregnant.

While doing hot yoga you should take the following precautions-

1. Pregnant women should not do hot yoga.
2. Diabetes patients should avoid hot yoga.
3. If you are troubled by heart yoga, then you should not do hot yoga.
4. When taking a hot yoga class, it is also important to pay attention to your body spirit.
5. People suffering from any disease are required to consult a doctor before performing hot yoga.
6. If you have no health concerns and want to try a hot yoga class, make sure to drink plenty of water before your hot yoga workout, during hot yoga and after hot yoga. If you are feeling dizzy, feeling light or sick in any way, then stop doing hot yoga.

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The conclusion

Proponents of Bikram Yoga say that hot yoga improves their heart health and helps them lose weight.

But critics say that there is no scientific evidence behind these benefits.

Researchers continue to study the pros and cons of hot yoga,

Which includes body fat and its effects on heart health.

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