7 Yogasanas that Helps You to Boost Libido

Does doing yoga increase sexual stamina?

So, the short answer is yes. But if you are sitting thinking that, just you did a few days posture and you will be able to have as much sex as you want, then you are wrong. In fact, the ability of sex is almost the same in every human being. A little less in some and a little more in some. Yoga teaches you balance in this place.
The more yoga you do, the more you will be able to understand your body. Yoga teaches you to react, not to react. However, till now the study done on this subject has revealed that there are many ancient yogasanas whose practice can improve the entire sex function. Especially when it comes to increasing your sexual desire, sexual desire or libido.

How effective is yoga at eliminating sex problems?

The answer to this question has been written in great detail in The Science of Yoga. According to author William Broad, “The practice of yoga also affects our sexual desire or sexual desire because yoga increases blood circulation in our pelvic area.”
Due to the practice of certain asanas, the entire energy of the body starts flowing in a systematic way. Because of this, the body not only gets relaxed but also starts to be flexible. Yoga teaches you the management of body energy. When you use this energy for sex, you can easily keep this energy organized even during sex.
At the same time, Acharya Dharmendra Parashar says, “Yoga teaches you to slow down, unwind and feel a subject with fullness.” This seems to be true to some extent. Because during yoga, when you bend the body differently and during this time, keep the body balanced. By doing all this, you are actually managing the body.
When you use this balance for sex, then you are able to feel comfortable not only with yourself but also with the partner. This makes the enjoyment of sex even more comfortable for you.

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7 Yoga Asanas To Increase Your Libido

1. Downward Facing Dog

Traditionally, the oblique bronchosphere is practiced to increase flexibility throughout the body and to relieve any pain in the waist or neck. Both the waist and neck are considered very sensitive in the body. By touching them, sexual desire can be increased.
During the practice of this asana, your hips are in the air. Which increases the circulation of blood to the pelvis portion. While the head becomes inferior, the brain becomes more excited. This situation proves to be very effective in enhancing your sexual desire. Along with this, this asana also helps to increase the inner confidence by toning your muscles.

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1. Lie on your stomach on a yoga mat.
2. Breathing, lift the body with the feet and hands.
3. Draw a table-like shape.
4. While exhaling, slowly raise the hips upwards.
5. Keep elbows and knees tight.
6. Decide that the body is inverted in the shape of ‘V’.
7. During the practice of this asana, the shoulders and hands remain in a straight line.
8. The feet will remain in line with the hips.
9. Keep in mind that your ankles will be outward.
10. Push your hands towards the ground and try to stretch the neck long.
11. Keep the ears touching the inner side of your hands.
12. Try to focus your eyes on the navel.
13. Stay in this position for a few seconds. After that, kneel on the ground.
14. Return to the table-like position again.


2. Cobra Pose

Research has found that a hormone called cartisol that increases blood pressure and stress in the body, regular exercise of bhujangasan, found the production of cartisol in the body to be 11 percent lower, while testosterone levels were increased by 16 percent.
You may find this to be a bad thing, but actually it has a lot of effect in the sexual excitement of men. Testosterone sharpens the mind, increases consciousness and helps to make the sexual experience memorable. The practice of Bhujangasana also shrinks the adrenal gland, thereby increasing the consciousness in your body.

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1. Lie on the ground on the stomach.
2. Place both your palms near the thighs towards the ground.
3. Keep in mind that your ankles keep touching each other.
4. Bring both hands equal to the shoulders and palms towards the floor.
5. Put the weight of the body on your palms, draw the breath in.
6. Lift your head and pull it back.
7. Note that by this time your elbow is bent.
8. After that, pull your head backwards.
9. Withdraw your chest also forward.
10. Drag the head like a snake’s fun.
11. Note that your shoulders stay away from the ears and the shoulders remain strong.
12. Increase the pressure from your hips, thighs and legs towards the floor.
13. Keep the body in this position for about 15 to 30 seconds.
14. Maintain normal breath speed.
15. Feel that your stomach is pressing towards the floor.
16. You can also do this asana for 2 minutes after continuous practice.
17. To release the posture, slowly bring your hands back to the side.
18. Rest your head on the floor. Keep your hands under the head.
19. Gently bend the head to one side and breathe slowly for two minutes.

3. Bound Angle Pose

Budh Konasana is considered one of the easiest rugs to overcome low libido or sexual desire reduction. This asana makes the pelvis active by opening our hips. Most of us sit and work throughout the day. Because of this, all the load and tension of the body is on our hips.
But when we practice Buddha Konanasana, then this tension gradually starts to become free. We are able to get along much more easily with our sexual partners. This posture gives our body a chance to feel the depth and joy of bliss. Sex time can also be increased by its practice.
The Buddha Konasana is considered the seat of Beginner Level. It does not require much effort in practice. But if you try to practice this asana with a feel, then the effects and results also start to be seen soon.

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1. Straighten your waist and sit on a yoga mat.
2. Open your legs and spread outward.
3. Breathing out, bend your knees.
4. Bring both ankles down towards your abdomen.
5. Both heels will touch each other.
6. Move the knees down on both sides.
7. Bring both ankles as close to the abdomen as possible.
8. Grab the toe with the help of the thumb and first finger.
9. Ensure that the outer edge of the foot always touches the floor.
10. When comfortable, check if the pubis and tailbone are equally spaced from the floor.
11. Pelvis should be in normal condition.
12. The perineum remained parallel to the floor.
13. The spine should be straight and the shoulders should be pulled backwards.
14. During this time the sacrum or the back bone of the back also remained strong.
15. Always remember to never pressurize the knees to touch the ground.
16. On the thigh bones, you can give a slight pressure to lower the knees.
17. This will automatically move the knees towards the ground.
18. Remain in this posture for 1 to 5 minutes.
19. Breathing, bring the knees back towards the chest.
20. Straighten the legs slowly.
21. Now relax.

4. Eagle Pose

It is not easy to do Garudasana at all. To practice this asana one has to practice yoga for a long time. Although this posture looks quite sexy. The sex appeal of this asana is so much that it has been included by Vatsyayan in his great book ‘Kamasutra’.
The practice of this asana increases blood circulation in the pelvic area. This allows you to experience yourself full of new energy while having sex. This asana can also be important for those who are experiencing the problem of early ejaculation during sex.
In the beginning you may find it difficult to practice this asana, but be patient. Keep this hope that if your foot is not stuck under the ankle, then one day it will definitely come.

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1. Stand upright on yoga mats.
2. Slowly bend the right knee down.
3. Try to wrap the left leg around the right leg.
4. The ankles of the feet will come on top of each other.
5. Your left leg should touch the lower part of the right calf.
6. Raise both arms to shoulder height.
7. Wrap the right hand around the left.
8. During this time your elbows will be bent at a 90 degree angle.
9. Slowly bring the hips downward, creating a balance.
10. Knees stay in the middle of the body, do not let them bend right-left of the body.
11. Stay in this position for 15-30 seconds.
12. Keep breathing deeply and slowly and exhale.
13. Close your eyes and try to focus on the third eye.
14. Throw negative thoughts away from your mind and say it repeatedly in your mind.
15. Slowly return to normal.
16. Now practice the same posture again with the other leg.

5. Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

Upavistha Konasana is also called Upavistha Konasana or Seated Wide Angle Pose in English. In this posture, sitting on the ground with the hips is practiced to stretch both legs as much as possible.
The best time to do subdivision konasana is 5-6 hours after eating on an empty stomach in the morning or in the evening. Subdistha Konasana is the seat of Hathayogis and its difficulty level is also average. This asana can be done for 30 to 60 seconds.
In this asana, the upper body is stretched. The subdermal konasana opens the lungs and improves breathing. It gives peace to the mind and helps to relieve stress.
This asana increases flexibility in the body and also helps prevent asthma attack. This asana can also help to high up your sex drive.


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1. Method of subdivision
2. Sit on the yoga mat in Dandasana.
3. Tilt the torso back slightly on your hands.
4. Open the feet at an angle of approximately 90 degrees
5. Push both hands to the ground.
6. Slide your buttocks forward.
7. Widening the legs 10 to 20 degrees.
8. Turn your thighs outward.
9. Apply pressure from the outer part of the thighs towards the floor.
10. Raise the knee straight upwards.
11. Reach out through the heel and spread your soles.
12. Press the thighs towards the floor.
13. Turn the arms back and forth between your legs and keep the arms long.
14. Try to lean forward from the hip joint.
15. While bending, note that the torso remains straight.
16. Continue the process of bending forward while exhaling.
17. Remain in this position for 1 minute or more.
18. After that, while breathing, return to normal position.

6. Bridge Pose

If you are troubled by the problem of not being able to last long during sex or the problem of short sex time, then Setu Bandhasan can help you. This asana gives a mild massage to your pelvis area and increases tension in this area.
Because of this, the circulation of blood is accelerated in this part. Sethu Bandhasana is the major posture to bring flexibility in the hips. It brings strength in your thighs as well as tones the shape. This asana can lead you from sex to samadhi.

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1. Lie on your back on the yoga mat. Keep the breath speed normal.
2. After this, keep hands on the side.
3. Now slowly bend your legs from the knees and bring them to the hips.
4. Raise the hips as high above the floor as possible. The hands will remain on the ground.
5. Hold the breath for a while.
6. Exhale and return to the ground. Straighten the legs and relax.
7. Start again after resting for 10-15 seconds.

7. Cat and Cow Pose

Both Bitilasan and Margaryasan are postures of the configuration category. In this posture, the spine is moved up and down. This asana is done by drawing inspiration from the habit of bending the spine of cow and cat.
If we talk about humans, then in addition to having sex, a person never gets a chance to bend the spine or spine. Therefore, this asana helps strengthen your kegel muscles. Both these movements also bring many positive changes in your sex drive.

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1. Sit on both your knees by laying a yoga mat on the floor.
2. To do this asana, you can also sit in the posture of Vajrasana.
3. Now place both your hands on the floor.
4. Raise your hips (hips) up while placing a small weight on both hands.
5. Straighten the thighs upward and make a 90-degree angle at the knees of the foot.
6. Your chest will be parallel to the floor and you will look like a cat.
7. Now you take a long breath and tilt your head backwards.
8. Push your navel from bottom to top.
9. Simultaneously raise the tailbone (lower part of the spine).
10. Now while keeping your breath out, tilt your head down.
11. Try to apply the chin of the mouth to your chest.
12. Look at the distance between your knees in this position.
13. Keep in mind that your hands should not be bent in this posture.
14. Keep your breath long and deep.
15. Turn your head backwards and repeat this process.
16. You should repeat this action 10-20 times.